Drawing Home by Jamie Brenner @JamieLBrenner @littlebrown @HBGCanada

A sudden death, an unexpected inheritance, a business partner and friend battling it out with a single mother defending the inheritance

Drawing Home is a heartwarming, light and entertaining beach read that is just perfect for packing along with you to wherever you might be heading for a relaxing place to read. This one should be sold anywhere there is a lounge chair by the pool or on the beach. It has it all here, interesting family dynamics, unlikely friendships, a charming and inviting setting and a story that explores loss, forgiveness and hope with a little mystery added.

My favorite part of this story is the picturesque historical town of Sag Harbor and the iconic American Hotel. I didn’t read this one on vacation or on the beach however I felt like I was swept away to this charming town and was sitting on a lounge chairs with a drink close by soaking up the sun.

Jamie Brenner does a great job here with the dynamics between the well-developed characters and I really enjoyed just how strong and determined the characters were in their fight to defend what they thought was theirs, making for some interesting and entertaining dynamics between them. I thought it all came together so well in the end leaving me feeling quite satisfied after reading it. I highly recommend

Thank you to Little, Brown and Company and Hachette Canada for my complimentary copy.

Brenda’s review

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  1. I’m sure this will be on the summer read list for a lot of ladies now 🙂
    Great Review! Sounds entertaining!

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