The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson #travelingfriendsread #BookReview

The Saturday Night Ghost Club by Craig Davidson

Norma’s Review

Hauntingly beautiful, wistful, & magical!

I do love me a good ghost story and pretty much anything in relation to things that go bump in the night then you can most definitely count me in.

THE SATURDAY NIGHT GHOST CLUB by CRAIG DAVIDSON was such a fabulous, short, memorable and bittersweet coming-of-age story that packed quite the punch in such a short amount of time. The book comes in at a whopping 246 pages which is brimming with so many wonderful attributes that definitely stirred up this readers emotions and memories.

I absolutely loved how irresistible, nostalgic, magical, and emotional this story was. The supernatural, ghost stories, and urban legends was so intriguing and I thought it ingenious in its relation to the whole story in general. I felt such warmth and love towards these characters and this book.

Norma’s Stats:
Cover: #coverlove I absolutely love the cover of this book and attributed solely to me needing to read this book.
Title: Intriguing, suspenseful, and absolutely loved how meaningfully the title plays so fittingly into storyline.
Writing/Prose: Well-written, engaging, captivating, and readable.
Plot: Suspenseful, emotive, gripping, perfectly-paced, nostalgic, ghostly, magical, memorable, thought-provoking, held my attention fully and extremely entertaining.
Ending: A bittersweet and satisfying ending that filled me with such warmth and love.
Overall: An irresistible, unforgettable, enjoyable, entertaining, suspenseful, and fabulous read! It was an absolutely magical book brimming with pure nostalgia! Would highly recommend!

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