Behind the Pages Upcoming Author Q & A with Kimberly Belle @KimberlySBelle

We are very excited and honored to have Kimberly Belle joining us September 15 @7:00pm EST for a Q & A in the Behind the Pages group.

We, will, be asking her questions about her books and writing process. Join us by asking Kimberly Belle a question or share some love with her. Check back to see what she has to say. You can find the group here

Brenda’s review for The Marriage Lie

This is not your typical marriage lie here. Kimberly Belle skillfully weaves the layers of deception here with the lies and secrets in this marriage. She builds that suspense and tension to keep me turning those pages as fast as I could. Then reveals those secrets at just the perfect time to keep me on my toes and guessing just how deceitful Will is.

I loved our main character, Iris, who wears her heart on her sleeve and I wanted to be her best friend. She is strong yet vulnerable and I enjoyed her character’s growth. At times I wanted to yell at her and others I wanted to hug her.

The ending came together so well and satisfying for me and I was left a little surprised with that final twist. I highly recommend for an entertaining easy read.

Some thoughts from the Traveling Sisters for Dear Wife

Kimberly Belle nails it here with this intense thriller. Dear Wife is one exciting thriller that is not to be missed. The most exciting thing here is how Kimberly Belle takes a story that really isn’t a new storyline and turns into an exciting, entertaining and compelling thriller.  Brenda

DEAR WIFE by KIMBERLY BELLE is a gripping, suspenseful, dark, brisk, and twisty thriller that was absolutely unputdownable. I was immediately sucked in and devoured every single page of this spellbinding entertaining book. Once I started reading it I was hooked and so absorbed in the storyline that I was flipping those pages as fast as I possibly could. Norma

Compulsive, well-plotted, clever and un-putdownable are just a few words that instantly come to mind when I think about DEAR WIFE. Heidi

Kimberly Belle lays out some clues for you…if you follow along carefully you may think you have it all figured out. I had an A-ha moment at about 65% . I was partially right. Which is ok with me-because what that says to me is-no plot holes! And, there was just enough time left to resolve, but not rush the ending.

BUT, what was best. I wasn’t entirely right either. The author managed to still SURPRISE me, because there was more than one way that this story could be resolved…and ANY one of them would’ve been PLAUSIBLE, which is a MUST for ME, in my suspense novels. Jayme

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