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Need a feel-good story with characters full of heart and humor to self-isolate with. We have the perfect one for you!!! Who Rescued Who by Victoria Schade is available today!!

Norma’s review

Heartwarming, adorable, & a much needed feel-good escape!!

WHO RESCUED WHO by VICTORIA SCHADE is a charming, engaging, fun, cute, quick, and steadily paced read that was both emotional and humorous to read. What I really enjoyed most about the storyline is that it doesn’t immediately grab your attention; it grows on you as you get invested in these characters. There was just the right amount of character struggles, family secrets, romance, and self-discovery here to make it a lighthearted relaxing read without being overly heavy.

VICTORIA SCHADE delivers quite the realistic, entertaining, enjoyable, and uplifting rom-com here that was an absolute treat to read from start to finish. I so loved following Elizabeth (Bess) and watching her change into the person that she was meant to be with the help of her adorable four legged friend, family, and of course a noble, down to earth handsome gentleman.

Brenda’s review

How cute is that cover? How could you resist someone so adorable? Well, our main character here, Elizabeth thinks she can but…

Elizabeth, down on her luck, finds out she has family she didn’t know about and they have some secrets. She makes a quick trip to her father’s home in the English countryside, not expecting to stay long. She visits to see what secrets her father has packed away from her. What she finds is love in the most unexpected place.

Who Recused Who is a purrfect pick right now, with it’s a heartwarming, uplifting and feel-good story. It has the characters with the biggest hearts and it’s full of heart & humour. The story has a bit of romance, family secrets and the best part the love from and for those fur friends and family.

The story explores where your heart takes you, living your life not performing it and those small moments in your life that matter. In the end, it was clear to me who rescued who and I felt rescued myself with these fur characters who brought some love and good memories back into my heart while reading it. I highly recommend it.

Norma’s Stats:
Cover: Adorable, eye-catching, appealing, jovial, beautiful and an extremely effective & perfect representation to storyline.
Title: A heartfelt, meaningful and a perfect representation of the storyline.
Writing/Prose: Well-written, witty, genuine, engaging, captivating, humorous, fluid and charming.
Plot: Fun, delightful, sweet, lighthearted, personable, steadily-paced, enjoyable and entertaining.
Ending: A happy and satisfying ending.
Overall: 3.5 Stars! A romantic comedy that is packed full of heart and fabulous characters. I would recommend it!

Thank you to Elisha at Berkley Pub for our copies.

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  1. Furbulous reviews ladies!! No really I am absolutely reading that book!! Totally my kind of read, couldn’t resist it 😉


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