Nothing to See Here by Kevin Wilson

Ok Friends!! I have a great one for right now! It might seem a little out there but that’s the heart of the story here. It’s thought provoking, light yet very meaningful, fun and entertaining!

Brenda’s review

Great flaming balls of fire!! Kids that catch on fire! No, nothing to see here!

You can’t get anymore original than this quirky, sweet, mesmerizing funny and touching story that uniquely explores what is normal and the power of compassion. It left me thinking we can normalize almost anything if we have compassion for each other.

I loved our main character here, Lillian, whose’s job is to keep fireballs Bessie and Roland calm while keeping her own cool. These adorable twins who I wanted to give a big hug to take temper tantrums to a whole new level and they don’t just have meltdowns they start on fire. Kevin Wilson brilliantly weaves that into the story as a form of self-protection and defence.

Lillian, with her own conflicts and an oddball herself, is not afraid of these little fireballs. Her plan is to “hypnotize them with my own weirdness.” She accepts them, protects them and loves them just the way they are. My heart melted and felt like it would burst in flames itself.

This is one odd, entertaining story with one of the weirdness storylines ever; however, by the end of the story, it all felt normal. Now that’s some talent. I highly recommend it.

Stay safe friends!

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