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It’s pub date for The Big Finish by Brooke Fossey! This one is uplifting, fun entertaining and heartwarming with some heart break!

Brenda’s Review

Duffy lives in an assisted living home with his best friend and roommate, Carl. They go together like park benches and older men. They are happy in their predictable pattern, while the outside world continues on around them until Carl’s granddaughter tumbles through the window and wants to sleep on their park bench.

Duffy and Josie are an unlikely pair and they go together like skateboards and pathways. Josie comes crashing in with some baggage and Duffy starts to see his past self in Josie. He begins to breaks the rules to help her getting himself in trouble along the way.

The characters are quirky and endearing in their own way. Each brings some dynamics to the developing relationship between Duffy and Josie as well as to the centre they live in. The story is entertaining, heartwarming, humour and a bit frustrating at times.

Now that finish not so big and I had some mixed feelings there. I do think it all worked and wrapped up well, but I would have liked it to have gone a different way. Overall I enjoyed the story and need those in between change of pace to add something light with some substance, entertainment and heartwarming feelings to my reading world. I recommend

Thank you to Elisha at Berkley pub for sending those change of pace reads we have come to look forward to!

Norma’s Review

4.5 Stars! Huggable, affectionate, and a great-hearted read!

THE BIG FINISH by BROOKE FOSSEY is a lighthearted, endearing, moving, uplifting, and fun story that I immediately fell in love with. I couldn’t get enough of the main characters in this book and absolutely loved the camaraderie and banter between them. I was smiling for the majority of the time I was reading this highly entertaining, delightful, and beautiful book.

Duffy is an elderly feisty curmudgeon that lives in an assisted living home with his best friend and roommate, Carl. Then one day, Carl’s granddaughter Josie unexpectedly shows up in the most unexpected way through their bedroom window. What comes next is an adventurous, emotional, and sometimes humorous plan of action that Duffy enlists in order to help change Josie’s worrisome and troubling ways that Duffy is all too familiar with.

I absolutely loved the unlikely friendship that formed between Duffy and Josie and thought that worked out so much better than if it was her grandfather Carl. It was quite refreshing and everything about their relationship totally moved me.

The Big Finish is such a great title for this book and I absolutely loved how meaningful, profound, and effective it was in regards to the ending.

I was thoroughly entertained and taken with this book, when I wasn’t reading this story I was thinking about it and hugging my book. In the end it left me with feeling such love, admiration and warmth for these characters and this story. It is what I’d like to call a quiet story full of heart and substance.

Thank you so much to Elisha at Berkley Pub for sending me this absolutely fabulous debut novel! It was an extremely pleasurable reading experience from start to finish that I would highly recommend!

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  1. This sounds delightful. I like that there are such close relationships with different generations. I will be a curmudgeon when I get older, I am sure. Great reveiws ladies.


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