Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier

We have an interesting one for you all here that just might challenge some thoughts to some uncomfortable realities for you and have you thinking about the story more than you think and it’s now available!

Happy Pub date to Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier!

Brenda’s review

Little Secrets has all the elements here for a twisty, dark psychological thriller that explores obsession, betrayal and revenge, but it is so much more. The overthinker in me was one happy reader after finishing this one. Jennifer Hillier bravely touches on some uncomfortable dark realities that are easy to ignore here while exploring loss and grief. She doesn’t delve too deep into them but uses it to add some impressive depth to a grieving mother. As uncomfortable as they are, I found them very thought-provoking, and it added some layers to the story.

Now the little secrets here with the messy affair storyline didn’t catch my attention, and I struggled with some believability issues with the missing child storyline. The depth to Marin’s character and her not so little secrets won me over. Jennifer Hillier delves into her mindset and we see her downward spiral as she deals with her pain and grief over her missing son, making her an interesting character.

The ending left me and a few of our Traveling Sisters with some unanswered questions. The story is one to talk about and there is quite a bit to discuss here, making it a great one for a group read. I highly recommend it.

Norma’s review

Edgy, complex, and gripping!

LITTLE SECRETS by JENNIFER HILLIER is a dark, twisty, and suspenseful psychological thriller that has quite the emotional and gut-wrenching opening scene.  I was immediately hooked and it totally grabbed my attention but then, unfortunately, the grasp that the storyline had on me lost its intensity a little bit and pretty much stayed that way until we hit the climax.  

The storyline progressed at a steady pace for me and I wouldn’t necessarily say that I was bored with what I was reading. It just didn’t have that same appeal as the beginning did. Once we hit the climax though it had me back in its grasp and I felt that beloved emotional pull again that originally hooked me in the beginning.

Now, I think where this story lost a little bit of its appeal for me and stayed on level ground was that I found it easy to see where the story was headed and nothing really shocked or surprised me.

JENNIFER HILLIER delivers an intricate, intriguing, and gut-wrenching tale here that was extremely well-written that definitely kept me intrigued and entertained. Now, where I think Hillier really hit it out of the park here was with our main character, Marin. Marin was such a raw, realistic, and bold character that was extremely well portrayed. 

Even though I wasn’t exactly thrilled by this one I think many readers will be and find this to be one heck of a thrilling read!  Would recommend it!

Lindsay’s review

A fast-paced, twisty, thrilling read!

Three days before Christmas, Marin is at a busy shopping centre with her four-year-old son Sebastian.   Marin lets go of her sons’ hand to answer a phone call only to realize her son is gone when she hangs up a minute later.  Security is notified and comes back from their search empty-handed with video surveillance showing her son being lead out of the mall with a stranger.   Marin cannot forgive herself for losing Sebastian and falls into a deep depression.  Consumed by her need to find answers, Marin hires a private investigator to look into Sebastian’s disappearance.  What the investigator discovers provides more questions than answers.

I had an immediate connection to this story being the mother of a four-year-old boy.  I felt Marin’s shock, anger, stress and grief.  Those opening chapters were emotional and pulse-pounding for me, creating an intense investment with the storyline.  

The writing was excellent.  This is my first novel by Jennifer Hillier and I truly enjoyed the pace, flow and prose.  I’ve heard great things about her work and this definitely lived up to the hype.  

As the story progressed, my intense connection faded slightly as the novel focuses on things that the private investigator discovers rather than solely on the missing child.  I still felt engaged and invested, just not as intensely as when the novel began.  

Overall, this was a gripping, suspenseful, edgy novel that I recommend to psychological thriller lovers!

We received copies from the publisher on Edelweiss

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  1. B I love how you describe books sounds so interesting the stages and layers it has 🙂
    All these reviews are awesome for this book!
    I sure get where Lindsey says intense investment. As a mother it’s a difficult feeling to get into, too difficult for me. But Brenda reminds me I can, and it’ gets easier.

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  2. Love all three of your reviews!! And I’m pretty excited to start the audioook, especially after I loved and adored her Jar of Hearts.

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