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Giddy up! Where the Lost Wander by Amy Harmon is now available! Make room on your TBR list or click on that Ebook edition for this daisy of a read!! I loved everything about this one!!

Amy Harmon will be joining us in our Behind the Pages Goodreads group May 12 for a Q & A. We will be asking here about her writing process and insight into Where The Lost Wander. You can find the thread here to ask her question or view the threads after the Q & A

Brenda’s review

Where the Lost Wander is a fast-paced adventure packed gorgeously written and insightful story with heart. Amy Harmon knows how to kick up a dust storm of emotions. The unforgettable characters are the most likable characters I have read in a story. The story is set on the Oregon Trail in 1853, where we are taken on a vividly written journey with this wagon train set for a better life.

I was on pins and needles all through this one, fearing the danger and hardship of the trail and path taken for these characters. Amy Harmon doesn’t sugarcoated things here however, through her powerful insight and wisdom to family, love and hardship she brings a quieter and hopeful tone to the story. The characters are the definition of courage, scared, but still, saddle up anyway. I feared for them and rooted for them.

There is some romance here to warm up the story and I loved the bond between John & Naomi and it melted this non-romantic heart. The strength in this story for me is in the bond, and trust the characters had for each other. They face uncertainly, hardship, tragedy, and find the strength within each other. I highly recommend.

Lindsay’s review

An unforgettable journey following a group of emigrants on the Oregon Trail.

1853: John Lowry, a half-white half-Pawnee man, leads a group of families across the rough terrain of the Oregon Trail. The families each have their own horses and wagon packed with all that they own heading to start a better life out West. The families depend on Lowry’s experience and expertise to get them through the unimaginably difficult landscape and hostile areas. Their trek is gruelling and strenuous, unbearable at times. Their lives rest in the hands of Lowry to keep them safe and guided in the right direction.

Such a wonderful novel! I loved learning about this time in our history. The exquisite writing engrossed me, pulling me deep into this part of history, making me feel an immediate connection to and investment in the characters and storyline. I knew nothing about this piece of history which is why I love reading historical fiction. The novel was extremely insightful, informative and enlightening, all while immersing the reader within an unforgettable tale. Endearing characters, atmospheric landscapes, thought provoking scenarios, heart breaking losses – this book has it all. My one tiny critique is that the last 20% felt a bit too drawn out for me.

I enjoyed the animal aspect of this story and learned a lot about how mules and horses were so highly depended upon during these times. Crossing rivers (often the same river multiple times throughout the trek), surviving a variety of brutal weather, always having to remain “on guard”, pushing through the constant fear of the unknown that lies ahead — I felt all of these stresses right alongside the characters and animals. Please be warned, there are some awful scenes involving animals.

The Authors Note at the end is powerful. To learn that much of this story is based on the authors family history makes it more impactful to me as a reader. Overall, I truly enjoyed this remarkable novel! It isn’t gripping or addictive, but a slow burn, beautifully written tale that needs to be savoured and not rushed.

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  1. This sounds terrific! I hadn’t come across a review before — you’ve convinced me that I need to check it out. I’ve never read a novel set on the Oregon Trail, and now I can’t wait to get a copy!


    1. I am so glad you are checking this one out! I found it to be a different pace with the Oregon Trail and loved following them along the trail! I hope you love it as much as I did!


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