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Happy Book Birthday to Beach Read by Emily Henry!

Brenda’s review

Beach Read by Emily Henry is witty, entertaining and fun. Romance writer January strikes up a deal with Literary writer Gus that made the story feel a little different to me and I was intrigued by that. January and Gus are two very different writers and people yet they have one thing in common, they both are experiencing some writer’s block. There is some rivalry between them, that is nicely balanced with the snarky yet caring and honest banter between them. The dynamics between them felt refreshing and real to me and I loved the characters. They both have a conflict within themselves and I like how they developed and grew as the story progressed. There is substance to the characters and plot with some heavy themes yet still kept to a lighter read. I highly recommend

Norma’s review

Deeply moving, heartwarming, and a captivating page turner!

BEACH READ by EMILY HENRY is a perfectly paced, cleverly layered, compelling, emotional, sweet, and fun rom-com that absolutely stole my heart. The snarky banter, witty plot, and great characters was exactly what I needed at this time to fully immerse myself in this tale.

EMILY HENRY delivers an engaging, well-written, and thought-provoking read here that totally enveloped me into Gus and January’s love/hate relationship as well as in all the secondary characters’ lives. The extremely fun buildup and their character montage was so easily visualized and definitely planted me firmly in a front row seat as I watched their dynamic relationship grow. The author does an awesome job with totally investing us in their relationship and I was definitely rooting for a happily ever after ending for the both of them.

The sarcastic and witty exchanges between Gus and January is what I absolutely loved and couldn’t get enough of. Their attraction towards one another was undeniable and the tension between the two of them was so palpable that it gave me all the feels.

I would say that somewhere near the end of the book though it lost a little bit of steam for me but I’m not exactly sure if it was because I knew that their story was coming to an end and I was resisting it or if I thought that something was missing in the storyline. I think there were some plot points that weren’t totally wrapped up perfectly but I totally believe that this was January’s story and who we were really paying attention to. There were some extremely thought-provoking and great themes explored in this book with our self-worth and accepting who we are to opening ourselves up to be loved.

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  1. Oh my goodness that picture is perfect!
    This book sounds like a great read! I am not sure that it holds enough emotion for me? Although I am sure it is extremely well written!
    I would like to read this 🙂

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  2. Norma takes such great pictures with her kitten! This one is more a feel good read with humor so not an emotion read but I think you would like it!


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