The Swap by Robyn Harding

Hot Swapping dang!!! These besties are not swapping books!! Get this one now and put aside some time because once you start, you will not want to put down this book. It’s one not to be missed! This is a Traveling Friends group read and a few of us flew through this one in a day!! We all enjoyed it!!

Brenda’s Thoughts

The Swap is one fascinating, delightful wickedly bold and delicious fun, entertaining page-turner!! The story is well-paced for a fast read with those chapters that end with a sense of dread and foreboding that made it impossible not to read one more chapter.

There is no shortage of stories that explore toxic friendships out there; however, Robyn Harding takes toxic to a whole new level here with these friends and creates a fresh and fascinating triangle here with Freya, who has them under her spell. She creates an exciting twisted story while creating some interesting unlikable characters who are very different from each other. That left me with a creepy feeling right from the start and I had a few questions I wanted the answer to.

The setting here on an isolated island off the Pacific Northwest adds to the character’s actions and development. I loved the mention of the Canadian cities that I know very well, and I had to chuckle to myself when one was mentioned.

I loved how the story ended with some things wrapped up while others left me thinking about the story and characters. I highly recommend it.

I received a copy from the publisher on NetGalley

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    1. I am sending you more time, Carla!! lol I hope you find some because this is one that needs to be read!!

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    1. Thank you, Lindsay!! I am so excited you are starting it, Lindsay!! I look forward to chatting with you!

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    1. I am so glad to see that Shalini! I think this is one not to be missed. I hope you love it! Thank you!!!

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