The Existence Of Amy by Lana Grace Riva

Brenda’s review

Amy seems like she functions on the outside, but she is good at hiding the daily struggles going on in her head. I instantly connected with our main character Amy and was completely drawn into her life. In some ways, many of us can relate to some of Amy’s life and thoughts; however, Amy battles with most of the things she does every day and her brain prevents her from doing the things she needs and wants to do.

Lana Grace Riva keeps the plot simple here and it’s all about Amy’s daily struggles with her brain that disrupts her daily life. She does a fantastic job of putting us in Amy’s shoes allowing us to experience Amy’s thoughts with her. Some of her thoughts are louder and more intrusive than others and we can see which thoughts she can manage and others that she can’t. I could relate to some of Amy’s quieter thoughts and sadden by the thoughts that disrupt her life.

As heartbreaking as Amy’s journey is at times, it is also heartwarming and hopeful. It’s an important story that shows us we are not alone and Lana Grace Riva quietly shows us through the actions of the characters just how important is for people to be seen and not suffer alone. The story wraps up hopeful with the actions of the characters and a message shines through that left me with peaceful thoughts. I highly recommend this book to everyone!!

Lindsay’s review

Insightful. Heartbreaking. Informative. Eye-opening. Hopeful.

This novel offers an intimate look into OCD, social anxiety and depression. Amy, the main character who narrates this unforgettable novel, suffers with all of these. Amy holds down a full time job, has a home and maintains friendships. However, those around her don’t know the dark depths of her personal issues. They don’t understand the constant, mentally exhausting thoughts and concerns she struggles with every minute of every day.

This novel is extremely insightful but not heavy. It is written in a very relatable manner making Amy’s struggles vivid for the reader to grasp and understand. Fortunately, I do not have personal experience with these disorders, but I certainly felt the constant tension and stress for Amy while reading this book. I truly felt for Amy. The author does a phenomenal job pulling the reader into Amy’s mind and thought processes. Her constant worry and stress was extremely heartbreaking. Amy was a lovable character. I was deeply invested in her life and hoped she would get the help she needed to learn proper coping skills.

What I found most surprising was that Amy was fully aware of her inner struggles, yet couldn’t overcome them. She battled her own thoughts everyday in her mind. She knew what she was thinking wasn’t right, but didn’t have the coping skills to work past and overcome those thoughts.

Amy’s journey is one I won’t forget. Her story made me realize how extremely important and impactful a good support system is for those who have similar issues.

As sad as this novel is, it left me with a strong sense of hope for Amy and all who suffer like she does. I am thankful to have read and learned from this wonderful book!

Lindsay received a print copy from Lana Grace Riva and I chose to read the book from Kindle unlimited

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  1. I love books that are relatable, this one sounds so darn good and personal!
    Nev says some time I have to read that book AUNTY 🙂

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    1. Reading this one is like being in all the heads of this side of your family, T. It’s a great one to understand some of the things people with anxiety experience as well as those who experience it. That just so wonderful to see Nev said that. It does my heart good to see her love for books and the story in the pages.


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