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Brenda’s review

I wasn’t planning on reading His & Hers by Alice Feeney but couldn’t resist downloading the audiobook, and I am so glad I did. I enjoyed listening to Richard Armitage & Stephanie Racine narrate the story, and they drew me into the story right from the start. I usually only listen while I am doing chores around the house, or I find myself too tired to read however, I found myself wanting to sit down and just listen to the story.

The story is cleverly told through divorce couple Anna and Jack’s POV in his and her alternating chapters as the story unfolds. The story is easy to listen to with the different sides to it, and if my focus wandered to something else, it was easy to get back into the flow of the story. The her chapters start with the time of the day, and that kept things on track for me. I thought both narrators fit the characters, were convincing and worked well together. Well, I didn’t find the story all that suspenseful they added some tension to the story with their voices.

The story starts off lighter with a murder, and I started to get comfortable with the pace and then as secrets are revealed things turned darker than I expected. After reading Alice Feeney’s last book, I am not sure why I didn’t except a darker turn to the story. I think listening makes it sound a bit more disturbing for me than reading it. And then some animal scenes came up, and I wished I wasn’t paying attention then, however, I did practice some selected hearing there.

The story is a twisty and entertaining one to listen to and I am not sure if I would have enjoyed reading it as much as listening to it. It did keep me guessing, and I went back and forth with my suspicious until I thought again I had things figured out just to find out I didn’t. I enjoyed that final reveal that I did not see coming and everything wrapped up well for me. I highly recommend the audiobook.

Thank you to Macmillan Audio for my copy!

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  1. Wonderful review Brenda!! I have this one on hold at the library, and I can’t wait to listen to the audiobook. Also I had no idea Richard Armitage would be narrating it 😍, I just recently listened to him narrate Jane Austen Society and I loved his performance.

    ~ Corina | The Brown Eyed Bookworm

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    1. Thank you, Corina! I hope it comes in soon for you and you love it! I will have to listen to Jane Austen society!

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    1. I think you will love this one too, Veronica! I hope if you read it you do!


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