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YaHoo!! Get it today!! Charlie Donlea has a new book out!! It’s no secret in our book world how much we love his books. The Girl Who Was Taken was one of our first Traveling Sisters Reads and we have been reading his books in our groups since then. If you haven’t given one of his books a whirl what are you waiting for.

Every time Charlie Donlea has a new book out The Traveling Sisters are cheering and we are excited to drive right into it. We were very excited to see beloved characters Rory and Lane from Some Choose Darkness return in The Suicide House 

Brenda’s Review

Hot Diggity Dang! Charlie Donlea nails it here with this chilling and thrilling setting that sets a dark eerie mood to the story!

With a title like The Suicide House, I have to say I was a bit nervous about reading it but it’s Charlie Donlea so how could I go wrong. Well, I am happy to say Charlie delivers another original and exciting twisty thrill of a read!

I loved the settings here that connected the characters and added nail-biting tension to the story. The Elite school and boarding house in the woods sets an eerier feel to the story with its horrifying secrets. A year ago two students were murder and the case is now the focus of the podcast The Suicide House. Rory is back to find out those horrifying secrets the night the students were slaughter. The danger is still lurking and haunting the students who were there that night.

For me, the strength of the story is our interesting, brilliant well developed diverse character Rory who exhibits mannerism that puts her on the autism spectrum. The dynamics between her and Lane are heartwarming and entertaining. We don’t see much of both of them together as I would of like however I loved what we did get.

There is a large cast of characters here with multiple intertwining storylines that keep things interesting. At times I did become a bit confused with keeping everyone and everything straight. The tension and suspense rises with each chapter right up to those exciting final twists and reveals.

I highly recommend starting with Some Choose Darkness before this one to get to know Rory and Lane however I do think The Suicide House works as a standalone as well

Lindsay’s review

A thrilling continuation of the series!

Rory Moore is a forensic reconstructionalist who suffers from extreme social anxiety. She has a proven track record of cracking unsolved police case files and finds herself entangled in helping her psychologist partner, Lane Phillips, on a chilling and mysterious prep school double murder. The two travel to the prestigious Westmont Preparatory High School to investigate and immerse themselves in the year old murder case of two students.

I’ve read and loved every single book Charlie Donlea has created and this was no exception. I jumped right back into these characters lives and felt myself grow even more attached to them. The thick, foreboding atmosphere of the elite boarding school grounds had me engrossed from start to finish. There is something about boarding school settings that always appeals to me. This was a fast paced thrilling mystery that had my mind flip flopping over who was guilty. The chillingly gruesome murders kept me on edge and curiously intrigued throughout. With the timelines being only one year apart, I found myself confused a few times at the start but as I worked deeper into the storyline, the flow became much easier to follow.

If you haven’t read a Charlie Donlea book, you need to drop everything and pick one up! I suggesting picking up book 1 in this series before reading this as it will give you a better understanding of the characters’ backstories and personalities. All of his other novels are standalones, however, he brilliantly incorporates his well-loved characters within more than one book which I love.

We received copies from the publisher on NetGalley

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