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Welcome to our stop on the blog tour for LIES LIES LIES by Adele Parks. We are excited to share our reviews with you all today!

Book Summary:

LIES LIES LIES (MIRA Trade Paperback; August 4, 2020; $17.99) centers on the story of Simon and Daisy Barnes. To the outside world, Simon and Daisy look like they have a perfect life. They have jobs they love, an angelic, talented daughter, a tight group of friends… and they have secrets too. Secrets that will find their way to the light, one way or the other.

Daisy and Simon spent almost a decade hoping for the child that fate cruelly seemed to keep from them. It wasn’t until, with their marriage nearly in shambles and Daisy driven to desperation, little Millie was born. Perfect in every way, healing the Barnes family into a happy unit of three. Ever indulgent Simon hopes for one more miracle, one more baby. But his doctor’s visit shatters the illusion of the family he holds so dear.

Now, Simon has turned to the bottle to deal with his revelation and Daisy is trying to keep both of their secrets from spilling outside of their home. But Daisy’s silence and Simon’s habit begin to build until they set off a catastrophic chain of events that will destroy life as they know it. 

Brenda’s review

These lies, lies, lies were not what I expected and this story was not either. Adele Parks lead me down one twisty road with turns that left me shockingly heartbroken. The story explores some dark realities like alcohol addiction, abuse, and infertility. This is not a light read or a dark twisted, thrilling and chilling thriller but more of domestic suspense.

The story explores the dark, messy married lives of our main characters Daisy and Simon. Simon has been drinking for a while, and it’s a behavior he is familiar with, and things seem good with them and their daughter. They believe the lies they tell themselves about Simon’s drinking. After learning a lie, Simon’s drinking spirals out of control, and I felt a sense of dread as to what was ahead for this family.

The story centers heavily around Simon’s drinking, and my heart was breaking with the lies he tells, and Daisy accepts. With every turn of the story, more lies and secrets are revealed. The suspense rises, and tension increases with each turn right up to the end.

Some of the twists to the story left me gasping for air others push it for me and didn’t add up for me, and I thought were done for the convenience of the story. In the end, it all worked for me. Just when I thought things were wrapping up, there is another twist to the story that left me surprised.

Lindsay’s review

Twisty, twisty, twisty!

Daisy and Simon are the proud parents of six-year-old Millie. Millie is a bright and vivacious child who lights up the room. Daisy and Simon struggled for many years trying to have a baby before Millie came. Simon really wants to give Millie a sibling. Years of trying again have failed and Simon’s drinking has become a full fledged addiction.

This novel started off strong. I felt emotionally connected to Daisy and Simon with their deep hearten struggle to expand their family. When the novel’s focus turned to Simon’s alcoholism, my connection faded. Alcoholism is devastating and it is depicted quite well through this story. However, I did feel it was overdone with the many scenes, descriptions and chapters surrounding Simon that dragged on too long. I felt for Daisy but was also quite frustrated with her accepting many of her predicaments as is.

The entertainment factor is high — there is a lot of drama within this story. For me, the second half, most specifically the ending, took the drama way too far and I lost any connection I had made. Although there are many shocking twists that caught me by surprise, many of them felt forced and unrealistic.

Author Bio: 

Adele Parks was born in Teesside, North-East England. Her first novel, Playing Away, was published in 2000 and since then she’s had seventeen international bestsellers, translated into twenty-six languages, including I Invited Her In. She’s been an Ambassador for The Reading Agency and a judge for the Costa. She’s lived in Italy, Botswana and London, and is now settled in Guildford, Surrey, with her husband, teenage son and cat.

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  1. The book was fantastic, especially in today’s world with all this ancestry coming to light! 😆 😥 true. I belive the ending twist was well written, cliff hanger in reality. Daisy didn’t want Millie knowing or ACKNOWLEDGING ANYTHING of monster Darryll. I believe it was all Lies by Lucy, Connie giving false alibis to cover their stories, especially Connie who most likely had been raped at some point by Darryl as well and that’s why one of her kids resembled Millie. He hung with all of them throughout university and through the year’s. He probably was an habitual rapist. Just my thought.


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