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Welcome to our stop on the blog tour for Leave Well Alone by A.J. Campbell!!

Brenda’s review

“That bone-chilling winter’s day when my brother returned home for good was when I first contemplated murdering my mother.”

Well, that opening line caught my attention and what a hook that is to start this one off with some tension to this unquie, suspenseful and twisty turning story.

Eva’s happy world is rocked when her brother announces that he has found their mother who abandoned them 18 years ago. Eva is not happy about that, and things start to get interesting and complicated when Eva’s son is born unwell, and family starts to become Eva’s focus.

The story is told mostly in Eva’s POV, and we see her struggle with her childhood, feeling of abandonment and anxiety. There are also chapters from Eva’s husband POV that created a sense of foreboding and suspense to the story.

The storyline is unique and the turning points to the story are interesting. I struggled a little with the dialogue and the dynamics between the characters and the pace slowed down for me in the first half. The second half the story picks up and the build-up to that final twist was well done and I did not see that coming even though the clues were layered and I enjoyed how it all wrapped up.

Lindsay’s review

A fast paced, suspenseful read.

Eva hasn’t seen her mother she since abandoned Eva and her brother as young children. Eva has moved on with her life and is in a great relationship with a kind, loving and successful man, Jim. Eva and Jim get pregnant and their son is born with a heart defect. The heart condition could be hereditary but is not evident with Eva or Jim. Eva’s brother has recently come back into her life and is on a mission to find their estranged mother. With Eva’s sons medical condition at stake, Eva joins in the search for their mother and father with the hopes of finding answers for her newborn sons health condition.

There are some interesting twists, turns and plot points. I thought I had this all figured out and was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong.

The main character, Eva, is likeable but failed to draw me in completely so I never felt fully invested in her story. I struggled in connecting with the writing and characters. I liked the premise of the book and thought that was an intriguing and thought provoking topic to consider — finding estranged family members in order to research family genetics and get medical answers for generations to come.

It was a quick, easy, entertaining novel that many readers will enjoy escaping into. Thank you to the author for sending me a review copy!

Thank you to A.J Campbell for sending us review copy!

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  1. Hello Brenda & Lindsay

    I’m sorry you didn’t connect to the characters more, but I do appreciate your balanced opinions and the time you gave to read and review my book. Thank you very much much for being part of my Blog Tour.

    Best wishes Amanda


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