Cookbook Review: Healthy Habits for a Healthier You! by Diya Nath

I am spicing things up and sweeten my reviews by adding some cookbook reviews to our blog and adding a new feature where I talk about and share another one of my passions eating, I mean cooking!! I haven’t decided what to call this new feature yet!

For my first review I am writing a review for a cookbook that focus on one of our morning breakfast foods, using ingredients that focus on improving some health concerns we have here in my family.

Brenda’s review

Bravo, to Diya Nath for advocating for healthier eating at the age of 14 and giving a voice to our youth!! It’s easy to see her passion for healthy eating and being a health advocate for the younger generation.

Healthy Habits for a Healthier You is a short cookbook with 21 smoothie recipes, but it’s packed with not only delicious smoothie recipes. It is also filled with science-based information on the ingredients and benefits of healthy eating.

The book is organized well with information on making smoothies, the facts and research on the ingredients and their benefits. The recipes are easy to read with only what you need to know to make them. It is easy to flip through them to find the one you would like to make. Each recipe has a simple photo, and while they are appealing, it’s not a strong part of the cookbook.

The smoothie recipes focus on ingredients for healthy eating for easy digestion and giving you energy. This is something I see my son having issues with. Recently he has become more aware of what he is eating and trying to eat the foods that are easy to digest and give him energy. He has a nightly smoothie, and it’s nice to see recipes that focus on his concerns. With all the stress and anxiety our youth are under, it’s refreshing to see a younger voice addressing them.

The smoothies are unquie in variety, using some different ingredients with each one. The recipes use different fruits, some greens like spinach and Kale, peanut butter, cream cheese, coconut milk, flax or chia seeds and other healthy ingredients.

The recipes include

Blueberry Cheesecake
Strwmange Lemonade
Chocolate Energy
Water Mango
Citrus Green Refresher
Pina Colada
Blueberry Protein Shake
and many more

PS It’s only $.99 on Kindle from Amazon

I download a copy from the publisher on NetGalley

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