This Is All He Asks of You by Anne Egseth

Alrighty, my friends! I have one for you if you love to soak up the words you read and delve into the depth of a story.

I read This Is All He Asks of You  by Anne Egseth with Lindsay and we both had a different reading experience with this one. Most of the time, we have similar thoughts, but we do have different things we want out of a story. I love to delve into the depth of the story and look for connections in the story. I can spend hours thinking about a story and writing my thoughts down in the most unorganized way. Lindsay looks for an emotional pull to the story that connects her to the characters. She moves on a lot quicker than I do to the next one. This one provided me with what I love from a story; however it didn’t have that pull that Lindsay looks for. So on to our reviews

Brenda’s review

This Is All He Asks of You is my kind of quiet story! It’s the kind of story that spoke to me in a quiet, inspiring way. It’s the kind of story that needed me to quiet my mind and take in the words I am reading. It’s the kind of story I love to delve into the beauty that is being shown to me. It’s the kind of book you will want to find a quiet place to be swept away and get lost in the words you are reading.

“Have you noticed how many kinds of quiet there are in the world?”

There are a few themes explored while packed into the 134 pages. Anne Egseth knows how to use words to deliver us a profound, beautifully written story. Being short, it seemed like it would be a quick one to read; however, there is so much shown us in the written words to the story, it took some focus to breathe in the beauty of the words. Some words I needed to delve into the story to see and others flowed right into my heart. When I first started reading the story, I did not give it the time needed, and I lost focus with the noise in my head. When I realized I was missing something, I went back and started it again. I am so glad I gave it the time I need to connect to it profoundly.

“It is a story about how sad it would be if everything became like everything else.”

The story explores human connections, connections with each other and also with nature. The first part of the story is told through unsent letters from 12-year-old Luna to her father she never met. She longs for a connection with her father and a connection to someone who see the world as she does. Through the letters we see how different Luna is from what is expected from a 12 year old character and at first that threw me off and then I started to see the gifts Luna gives us with her curiosity, imagination and sensitivity to people and the world around her. It is refreshing to see a character who is not performing an expected role but one that shows how different we can be from each other and how different we can see the world around us.

“I can see and feel the waves created by other people. The waves move me. I know who you are, not their names or what they like for dinner, but the particular feeling there is in the light they have in them.” Luna

In the second part of the story Luna is 22 years old and she goes on a journey to find that 12 year old girl’s light she has lost in herself. What she finds is not what she expects and the story wraps up well. I felt like my heart stopped as I breathed in the words I was reading! I will be thinking about this one for a long time! I highly recommend it!

“When you read this you will feel the thick, golden air behind my words, and you will know me” Luna

I have to mention that stunning cover! That alone takes my breathe away! Oh and the title itself is thought-provoking!!

Lindsay’s review

A child’s love letters to the father she longs to know.

Twelve-year-old Luna writes her estranged father letters. These letters are never sent but they are created from the depths of a young girls’ innocent mind and heart. Luna longs to know her father and hopes to discover more about herself by building a relationship with him one day. Luna has many questions for her father about the world, herself, her family and heritage. She is a young girl lost in the world with no sense of true belonging. These letters are presented to the reader by the author who now, ten years later, rediscovers them and analyzes her twelve-year-old former self. This novel is as much a self reflection as it is self discovery.

It was sad to read about Luna’s struggles with her sense of self and belonging. Her letters were innocent, heart felt, strange and confusing. Often, I got lost in the randomness of her thoughts and never quite reached the point of feeling a true connection. I appreciate that this book gives a voice to her young self and will allow other readers to sympathize and emotionally connect, however, it missed its mark with me.

We received stunning print copies from Anne Egseth to read and review!

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    1. Well, well, I ended up getting two print copies from the author and we both would love you to have one! I thought about you when I was writing this review! I think this is one you will love!


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