They Never Learn by Layne Fargo

“My story was fiction, but it was about how the world should be–how it would be if we could turn men’s actions back on them. Made them fear us instead.”

This is a purely entertaining, chilling, and thrilling far fetched look into a terrifying female psychopath seeking a twisted sense of justice and revenge against the men who get away with harming women.

Layne Fargo horrifies and entertains us here with this dark and twisted terrifying psychopath. She played on that dark and twisted side of me and took me into the mind and shoes of this fascinating serial killer.

Professor Scarlett Clark has appointed herself an avenging angel for women harmed by men. She has spent years hunting and killing predatory men and making their deaths appear accidental or self-inflicted. That’s a lot to find believable, and I have to admit I needed to leave that overthinking in me out of the story and just go along with this thrilling ride. Things get even more interesting with another POV from student Carly who has violent thoughts towards predatory men.

I was surprised with a brilliant turn to the story that I should have seen coming, but I didn’t. The dynamics change a bit, and things started to get even more tense and exciting right up to the end of the story. I enjoyed how it all wrapped but I did feel the whole twisted feminism things was pushed a little too far and that final surprising twist. Dang, it! I said I wasn’t going to overthink this one.

I received a copy from Layne Fargo to read and review.

The book sleeve is made by my Mom and Norma made the book marker. You can find a variety of fun book sleeves and book markers in their Etsy shop

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  1. I do like the story to this book. Very cool!!
    OMG the book sleeve so sweet and the book mark is super cool!!
    You ladies are all rocking it!!
    Great review:)

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