A Good Enough Mother by Bev Thomas

Lindsay’s review

Ruth is a successful psychotherapist who specializes in trauma patients. She is the director of a well known and highly respected therapy centre. This story provides an intimate look into her work life with her patients and staff as well as her personal life with the tragic loss of her son who is missing. Ruth is confident, hard working and determined at the office but holds much pain and suffering for her family life inside her heart. Lines begin to get blurred when she takes on a new patient who resembles her missing son.

I loved this book! It was such a unique, raw and honest storyline with endearing and vulnerable characters. I thought it was so very well written – it had me hanging on every word. The pace and flow were perfect – I was invested and curious right to the very end.

Ruth was an extremely intriguing character. The book explores motherhood so deeply. There were several sentences and paragraphs that held such power that I found myself pausing to appreciate what I just read. There are several heavy topics covered within these pages — childhood trauma, suicide, depression, loss of a child, self harm, ending of a marriage — a lot to think about and contemplate.

This book was a pleasant surprise that I highly recommend! Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for my review copy!

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  1. Oh I would absolutely love to read this!
    I just screenshot these amazing books you ladies review and keep it as my list. This one I will love. Great review!
    Screenshot ✅

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    1. I am so glad you are taking screenshots! We need to slow down one of these days and get together so I can give you some books. I haven’t read this one though!


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