Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell

Put on your lounge pants and coziest socks, grab your favourite beverage, give yourself some time and get cozy while you get to know these characters. They are not what you might expect!!

Brenda’s review

Hot diggity dang!! Now that’s what I been talking about! A well-done domestic, suspense thriller that focuses on fresh, unique unlikeable characters while staying away from those behaviours, roles and characters we come to expect in thrillers.

Lisa Jewell just keeps on getting better and she is an author who is moving forward in suspense thrillers by boldly challenging that tunnel vision in fiction and brilliantly delivers us fresh, not what you expect page-turner!!

Not all page-turners are fast-paced stories and things start off slower here as we start to form some thoughts on the characters and question their actions and behaviour. While keeping things fresh and different here Lisa Jewell does not create the suspense around the mystery here or focuses on it. It all about the characters here and the suspense is brilliantly tied into the characters. They are not the kind of characters that are easy to connect or relate to. They are the kind of people we think we know and who are invisible to the world because of preconceptions we have of them and dismiss them because of it. Lisa Jewell plays on that and shows us how we see the world and others can make us blind to what is really going on. She brilliantly shows us this through the three POV of the characters. At first, the characters seem like what you might expect and I started to form some assumptions about the characters and worried I might be right however Jewell had some surprises for me and the story takes an exciting turn and I loved the way the story came together in the end.

I highly recommend especially to readers who are tired of those tired overdone characters that are written for popularity and are more interested in seeing those invisible people we are blind to in the real world.

I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley

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