White Ivy by Susie Yang

Brenda’s review

I really wanted to love this one because it had elements to make it one of those better reads with an unlikeable unquie diverse character with an unexpected plot. It delivered on some of that for me and had exciting and thrilling twists and turns to the story that surprised me, but I think it all came down to that overthinker in me that was not satisfied. I do think it will be one many readers will enjoy.

The story’s concept sounded like an exciting and thrilling unquie one with that opening line’s intriguing hook, however it soon felt irrelevant to the story’s development and never really went anywhere. It almost felt like bait and switch sort of thing with the author building on the concept and creating Ivy as a thief, and then the story really doesn’t go anywhere. The pace is slow and a lot of the first half of the story felt like filler till about 3/4 of the way in and then the story finally hooked me with the thrilling climax to the story and those exciting twists in the end.

I have been talking a bit about unlikeable characters, and Ivy is an unquie one. She is complicated, but I didn’t find her interesting. Maybe a bit too complicated and I never really got to know the real her and maybe that was the point. I am not sure the author really knew her character either or if she was just an idea for an unlikeable character that just didn’t deliver for me.

Overall I thought it did make for an easy, different, diverse and unpredictable story with a bit of drama to it with an exciting ending!

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    1. Thank you, Jonetta! I forgot to mention in my review and often do that I listened and read this one. I enjoyed listening to it more than I did reading it and probably should have stuck to listening to it. I hope your audio experience is a great one and you enjoy this one!

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  1. Love the creations of Mom and Sister 💗
    Audio books come alive. There is many books that can’t get my full attention, it takes only certain types to really keep me intertwined 😊 that is why I enjoy these reviews!

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    1. Thank yo, T! I love everything they have made for me!! I am so glad you love your order too!! It makes me happy to why you enjoy our reviews!!


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