The Best gift for any book and dog lover: Dogversations: Conversations with My Dogs by David Leswick

Hello Friends! I just received a stunning, beautiful and fun book from Canadian photographer and now author David Leswick from Saskatchewan. It’s one I want to share a look into it with you all right away because I think it will make a fun and entertaining gift for all book lovers and animal lovers. It’s a great gift that can be shared with many people and will spark many conversations. It’s one I have shared with my whole family here at home. I will be back along with Lindsay with our full review of the book.

David Leswick has been doing weekly dog photography projects on social media for over eight years and from there his dogversations became a way to tell stories behind the photos. Over the past years the dogversations grew and tell the personalities of each his pups. In his book Dogversations: Conversations with My Dogs David shares laugh out loud, enduring dogversations between his dogs, his family or himself with every photo. It makes for stunning book to have on your coffee table to look at over and over again.

About the book

If these dogs could talk…here’s precisely what Eva, the Brittany spaniel, Bruno, the golden retriever, and Agnes, the genetically diverse rescue dog, would say. Photographer David Leswick flawlessly captures the fun, quirky, clever, curious, and witty personalities of his family’s three canine companions in this collection of heartwarming photography-along with the hilarious dogalogue that comes along with it. The perfect doggie treat for the eyes, heart, and sense of humour of any animal lover, Dogversations is a laugh-out-loud hysterical glimpse at how this canine crew tries to make heads or tails out of their daily lives with the human family that loves them….

You can check out David Leswick website here

The photos are taken from the premium edition send to me from David Leswick. It will be one I will cherish with my family. I will back with Lindsay and our full reviews!!

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  1. Awwwwwwwwwww!
    I think so many would absolutely love this book!
    Try not to smile kinda book, the kind that should be on everyone’s coffee table ☺️


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