Breathe Your Last by Lisa Regan

Breathe Your Last by Lisa Regan

Breathe Your Last is #10 in the Detective Josie Quinn series, and every time I read a new one, I say the series gets better with each book. Lisa Regan changes things up a notch here in this one by adding a bold, and bizarre case that left me with many questions. She tests not only Josie and her team but us readers with those exciting, “what is going on” twists to the crime and our beloved characters.

My love for the series is all about Josie and her dynamics with the people in her life. Lisa Regan keeps this fresh and exciting by exploring stories and crimes that involve the people in her life while adding new characters to that dynamics. While I enjoy all the mysteries and crimes in the stories, they don’t usually take center stage for me as the one here in this story did. I still loved the dynamics with the characters that take a different turn when Noah becomes distant and distracted from Josie.

The case here is darkly bold, strange, and unquie and touches on a dark reality that is not often explored, and at times, I did question some of the reality of the story and how Lisa was going to pull off that line between reality and entertainment.

The action and climax to the story are like nothing I have seen from Lisa, and I was on the edge of my seat with my mouth wide open in shock with the heart-wrenching turn the story took. The action is exciting and tense. That heart-wrenching turn pushed my shock to the point I almost messaged Lisa to ask what she was thinking, throwing that at us readers, however, I went with it and enjoyed the emotional pull she brilliantly layered on us.

As always, I highly recommend this series!!

I received a copy from the publisher through NG.

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