Looking Ahead at my 2021 Reading Chaos

Hello Friends! It’s that time of year when I reflect on my reading year and look ahead at what I want to read. I usually like to keep my goals low and fly by the seat of my pants and emerge myself in my book chaos. It’s how Lindsay and roll. To add to my chaos, I have decided to take on some book challenges I have created for myself and some I discovered from my friend Jonetta Blue Mood Cafe either from her groups or blog posts.

Last year I challenged myself by reading better and more diverse. I reached out of that bubble and read a few books to challenge my thoughts. I spend hours looking up information to understand better what reading better and diverse meant and decided what it means to me. I read many books I felt were better reading and diverse or tackled social justice, and I wanted to blog about it all. I spent hours making notes and planning blog posts, but the words didn’t come together for me, and I didn’t get those posts done. This year I hope to make those posts easier to do by breaking them down by the challenges I have joined in Goodreads groups or created for myself. In 2021 I want to continue my challenge to read better, find books with diversity, tackle social justice, and represent genders better from what I have come to expect. I am planning a diversity challenge for myself.

I am making 2021 a year to celebrate authors and their past and new work. Another goal I have for myself is to read more books from authors I have enjoyed and discover some I haven’t read anything by. I want to celebrate their passion for their work and characters.

Today I am going to talk about a fun challenge I have joined. While I have joined it in a GR group, I changed some of the prompts and not added all of them. I really do have issues with following any kind of structure. lol, The challenge is to read different sub-genres of thrillers. Some are sub-genres I read often and some I don’t. When I first started reviewing books I thought all thrillers had to dark, twisty, thrilling, and chilling; however, not all are meant to be. The goal of any thriller should be to generate excitement, suspense, and interest from start to finish however each subgenre has different elements to it. To keep with my challenge to read better my goal is to be pickier and celebrate that overthinking I love to do and delve into those elements. Only the books that I feel are better at creating excitement, suspense, interest and capture the subgenre’s elements will count towards my challenge.

Here are the prompts for my sub-genre thriller challenge. I have taken some and broke them down even further.

  • Suspense
  • Domestic
  • Mystery
  • Crime
  • Psychological
  • Action / Adventure
  • Spy or Assassin
  • Medical
  • Disaster
  • Eco
  • Legal/Courtroom Drama
  • Supernatural
  • Techno
  • Horror
  • Historical
  • Cozy
  • Lock Room
  • Race Against Time
  • Cat and Mouse Game

Whether you set goals or challenges for yourself I wish you all a great reading year!!


Horror 2021

Home Before Dark by Riley Sager 

The Drowning Kind by Jennifer McMahon


Chasing the Boogeyman by  Richard Chizmar

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