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Hot Diggity Dang!!! I loved it, and I love Christina McDonald!! Do No Harm is now available!! If you have not read this one, run to your device and get it now!!! It’s one I recommend not to miss!!

Warning: You will need to put on your lounge pants and lock yourself away with your favorite beverage because once you start this page-turner, you will not want to be disturbed! Well except maybe by this unforgettable story!!

Brenda’s review

As a doctor, Emma has been taught to “do no harm,” but what if the end justifies the means if it saves your child. When Emma’s son is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, she is desperate to save him. Christina McDonald explores the lengths a mother will go to save her child while exploring the harm of one of our darkest realities we face today.

Christina McDonald boldly and bravely explores a topic that can bring out that hot sensitive side to me, and I was a little worried that hot-temper of mine could come blazing out. However, after a couple of Q & A with Christina McDonald and getting insight into her writing, I knew I was in good hands. Good hands I was in!!! While creating an intensely exciting, suspenseful page-turner, she explores the dark reality of selling drugs and the effects of the opioid crisis. She delves into addiction from a few angles while showing us different sides of the crisis, opening up some questions to ask ourselves. She creates strong, convincing characters here by showing us their motivations and the effects their actions have on each other and the crisis. She layers in depths and insight into motherhood that pulled at my momma’s heartstrings and I was turning the pages as fast as I could to see if doing harm ever justifies the means to an end.

While Christina McDonald nails it by creating an emotional pull to the story, she weaves in thriller elements of suspense, tension to create that exciting page-turner. There are some things you might need to go with it and not think too hard about. The stakes get higher as a heart-pounding cat and mouse game develops between Emma and her detective husband Nate. The lines become blurred while we see more into their relationship and I enjoyed the exciting dynamics between them. For me, it was a perfect balance of reality and thrills to make it an exciting and entertaining domestic thriller!!!

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I received a copy from Christina McDonald through NetGalley. Photo supplied by Christina McDonald.

7 thoughts on “Do No Harm by Christina McDonald @Christinamac79”

  1. You never know what a mother will do to save her child. This sounds like a thought provoking story that will take the reader for a ride. Wonderful review Brenda.

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  2. Whoa I like this!
    It sounds like it gives an understanding to addiction.
    Totally understand the page turning going on in this story.
    Awesome review B! You are a busy bee reader and reviewer! I wonder how many books you will read this year lol

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  3. This was a hard pass for me. I live in the “rust belt” of the US and totally empathize with the reasons behind the addiction in our society but a doctor selling or writing presciptions for any reasons is just another layer of the problem.

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    1. There are so many layers with addiction in our society for sure. I am not sure how realistic a doctor doing this is in real life and that was one of the things I thought you have to just go with in this story.


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