Mordecai’s Ashes (Larsson Investigations Book 1) by Arlana Crane

Lindsay’s review

Karl inherits his estranged grandfathers detective agency. After losing his job and his wife, Karl takes the opportunity to start over and jumps in with both feet. He builds up his case load and finds himself enjoying the work. He is approached by an old client of his grandfathers who wants him to investigate a large drug circle and help to bring down the leaders behind the operation.

This was an entertaining novel full of family secrets and undercover espionage. Karl was a down-on-his-luck main character who I enjoyed rooting for. The storyline flowed well and kept me intrigued and curious until the end. I enjoyed the detective agency aspect and what that brought to the storyline. There were several intense scenes that had me on the edge of my seat.

Overall, this was a quick, well-written mystery that I recommend to those who are looking for a lighter suspenseful, easy read.

Brenda’s Review

After his grandfather passes away, Karl Larsson inherits his detective agency. With no better offers and no experience, he decides to set up shop and see where this new adventure takes him. He joins forces with his 19-year-old cousin Kelsey, and they are soon on case. Not one they are ready for, and they must learn as they go.

Karl and Kelsey are strong, fun, likeable characters, and they both share the spotlight here. Arlana Crane takes her time here developing the characters and the dynamics between the characters. They make a great team and it was easy to root for them, and I enjoyed the adventure set on Victoria Island, BC, Canada, they took me on

While the crime here Karl and Kelsey are investigating is a heavy one involving illegal drugs, Arlana Crane delivers us a lighter, easy, entertaining read with some fun humor to it and plenty of tension to the story. It had the vibe like a detective TV show has. I loved the fun, surprising twist at the end of the story!

We received copies from Arlana Crane.

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