Win (Windsor Horne Lockwood III, #1) by Harlan Coben

Brenda’s review

In one of her reviews, my GR friend Regina asked can you like a book but dislike yourself for liking it. Yes!!! I really liked Win (Windsor Horne Lockwood III, #1), and I don’t like myself much for liking it. This should be one I dislike because of that feminist in me.

Win, is the sidekick to Myron Bolitar’s character in his series and is now the main character here. I found myself missing Myron, and it at first felt like something missing, however I thought Win could stand on his own here.

What I liked

The story is heavily plotted with a few threads that Coben keeps spinning to connect the plot and characters. It’s fast-paced with plenty of suspense and tension that kept me clicking the pages. All the thread skillfully came together well.

What I dislike

There is a few characters here that come and go, and I couldn’t keep track of them all and who was who.

Win’s hidden talent is he is batman in disguised with the family butler and secret lair hidden in his mansion. However, he flies by his own grey rules between right and wrong because he is Win, and he can and will win at all costs.

Win, is what you would expect from your typical wealthy, class privilege, sexist male character.


Win knows it, Coben knows, and we know it. Win knows his truths and shares it with us.

Win, is also witty, sarcastic, and so humous with those truths it’s literally laughable, and I couldn’t help but like him and I laughed all the way through it right up to Win’s last line.

It’s Harlan Coben, and I love his writing, and I have some history with his books that have got me through some tough physical miles ahead of me.

So I like it, but I don’t like that I liked it!!

I received a copy from the publisher through NetGalley

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10 thoughts on “Win (Windsor Horne Lockwood III, #1) by Harlan Coben”

    1. Thank you, Susanne! I do hope he starts to treat women better and we see him grow there, or maybe see a strong women challenge him more! I am glad you love him too!!

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      1. I think we saw some glimpse of him changing here too and I loved how some of the women challenged him. And it’s clear that Coben knows his character. Win is a great one to talk about!!


  1. Great review Brenda. I read all the Myron Bolitor books, so I know Win. I was worried about the amount of violence in this one, how is it? I love that you don’t like that you like this book, that is perfect.

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    1. Thank you, Carla! My tolerance for violence is pretty high but I thought it was low on violence. Win is very distracting with his inner humour. lol. A lot of the time I was so focus on trying to figure out who was who I didn’t notice much violence. LOL.

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