Overhyped Books: Can They be the Cause of our Reading Slump?

Lindsay and I are just coming out of what I am finally going to admit is a reading slump, and we are just starting to get our reading groove back. We have read a few books that didn’t capture our attention, connect us to the characters, and left us disappointed after reading it. So that got that over thinker in me going, and I wondered why.

I think there are a few reasons for that reading slump, but I wonder if reading some overhyped books is causing us to lose our reading groove.

What is hype?

To promote or praise something a lot in order to make people excited about it and want to buy or try it.

As reviewers, we create hype by sharing our love and excitement for a book. It helps us decided what to read and gets us excited about reading it. The best way to find great books is through recommendations. If I love a book, I want to shout about it, and I want everyone to read it. We can also get caught up by it with the hype publishers create by promoting books, to make people excited about their books and want to buy them. Honestly, that can also end up dictating what we read and review.

So what happens when as readers, we get caught up in that overhype? Can hype books be a reason for reading slumps when we expect to love a book based on all those glowing reviews, and instead, we are left disappointed. And what can we do about avoiding those overhyped books while still not missing out on a great read?

To listen to my thoughts on overhyped book please click below. Please note most of the overhype I am referring to is from what I see on Goodreads

Overhyped books I lost my groove to

8 thoughts on “Overhyped Books: Can They be the Cause of our Reading Slump?”

  1. I’m probably an outlier here as what typically puts me in a slump is too much pressure to meet deadlines. Buzz about a book may have been the reason I put a book on my shelf but by the time I get to read it, that hype has died down and I don’t even read the blurb before I begin reading. So, unless it’s one of my auto read authors, I don’t really have any overblown expectations. And, I am an eclectic reader, which really prevents me from falling into a slump. I make certain I have a wide array of genres on my monthly reading plans. That way I get to mood read, too.

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    1. I don’t normally fall into reading slumps because reading it’s a form of therapy and nothing else quiets my mind but I have been disliking more books than I enjoy lately. I think having no exceptions but your own is the best way to go into a book and I definitely see different things in a book than most people. LOL

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, Jonetta! I need to do mood reading!!

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  2. I have a reading slump.
    I am spending time reading books on educational subjects. Therefore I am not swept away with a book. Which I really miss. Like when you don’t have the time but you will make time… eat a sandwich while reading. It’s like having a something new and exciting when you have that book that stays on your mind. Ahhh that book love ❤️

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    1. Non fiction can slow down that reading pace for sure. It takes me a lot longer to one and then I find myself reaching for a fiction one. We need to catch up because I want to know what you are reading.


  3. Enjoyed your audio about overhyped books, Brenda. I get tired of the same thing. And I question myself because I feel so differently. I often think there is nothing new to a story so why does everyone feel it’s a genus read? The ones that really freeze me up is when something is marked as a thriller and there is no thrill anywhere in the book. Thanks for bringing this up. I find more and more I read the book samples. It doesn’t always work, but it has helped me from making some mistakes for my reading pleasure.

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    1. Thank you, Kat! It’s nice to see you feel similar. I used to question why I feel differently now I question more why people don’t see what I see. LOL I think it’s harder for us over thinkers to follow the hype because we see things in more depth. I also find myself DNF more books than before and thats ok but I get frustrate with the time I spend on that. Thank you for listening to my thoughts and adding some of your!!


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