I am a Book Geek, Book Nerd and Bookworm: What are you?

Howdy Bookworms, Book geeks, and Book Nerds!! Today I am switching it up a bit and geeking out about geeking out about books. This is what I do when I am supposed to be writing reviews. So here I am instead of writing a review for my most recent read, I am off in a different direction, talking about Bookworms, Book geeks, and Book Nerds!

Just for fun, I thought about what each one is, and then I did a little internet search, took a few quizzes, and then made this list. I have come to the conclusion I am all of them!!! Book nerd, geek, or bookworm, I am geeking out with my thoughts on why I think I am a book nerd, geek, or worm, and I found it fun to do!!

I am a Bookworm

  • I have tons of books to read and feel I have nothing to read yet I am always reading
  • I have piles of books beside my bed and even sleep with some
  • I pack twice as many books for a trip just because I like looking at them
  • I love to smell books
  • I collect bookmarks and book sleeves (Norma makes the bookmarks and my Mom the sleeves) and I match bookmarks to the themes or mood of the book and book sleeves to the color of the covers
  • When I am not reading I looking for my next read and constantly making new lists
  • I get excited about anything that is book related
  • It’s a good day when I see a new book written by a favourite author

I am a Book Geek

  • It drives me nuts when I see someone reading and I can’t see what they are reading
  • I have to control myself when I am in a book store not to suggest books to everyone
  • I read more Ebooks than prints even though I have stacks of prints
  • I roll my eyes every time I hear someone say they don’t have time to read because reading is like breathing to me
  • I fall asleep reading every night otherwise my mind doesn’t quiet down enough to fall asleep
  • I want to read every book I read with someone so I can talk about it and see what they have to say about the book
  • I am introvert but won’t say I am socially awkward
  • I love series but often forget what happened in the previous books by the time I read the next one
  • People often look at me with blank looks on their faces when I start talking about books
  • All my friends are fictional and I relate to them more than I do real people.
  • I can tune out everything and everyone when I am reading or thinking about books and I constantly need to snap back to reality
  • I wrote this post and found it fun.

I am a Book Nerd

  • I find with any conversation I have, I have the opportunity to say, I read a book about that.
  • I can relate almost everyone to a character I have read and it helps me understand people more. I want to give advice to people based on a character I read.
  • I learn things through the books I read and use them to relate to the world around me
  • I spend too much time dealing with the emotions of the characters
  • I want to know everything there is about the structure of a book and not because I want to write one.
  • I am in reading groups
  • When I finish reading a book I want to geek out about the structure, elements and themes of the story.
  • I spent hours looking up thing I want to know about books, gathering information and then struggle with narrowing it done to one topic.
  • I feel the need to know why the author wrote the characters the way they did
  • I have posts planed to geek out on topics related to books
  • I have trouble narrowing down what I want to write in my reviews and posts because I want to dissect the book.
  • I worry I might of missed something in a book so I read reviews on the internet for books after I read them
  • I hold back how much I really over think a book so I am too nerdy

The book sleeves are made by my Mom and the bookmarks by Norma. Check out their Etsy shop for more book sleeves and bookmarks. Click here for their Etsy shop Use SISTERS20 at the checkout for 20% off.

What are you a Book nerd, geek, worm or all of them?

9 thoughts on “I am a Book Geek, Book Nerd and Bookworm: What are you?”

  1. I didn’t realize these three labels had distinctions among them. I fit some bullet points from each of the three lists, but like the previous commenter, I’m probably mostly a book worm 🙂

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    1. They are interchangeable and subjective, but mostly just fun! I hope my list made you chuckle a bit!! I do worry I might just be too much of book geek and nerd! LOL. Thank you for joining in on my fun, Dave!!

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  2. Oh my gosh, I’m definitely all three! It’s so fun to read this post — thanks for sharing! (I definitely relate to “I find with any conversation I have, I have the opportunity to say, I read a book about that.”. I have to hold myself back!!

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    1. Thank you, Lisa! I love seeing you have to hold back too!! Thank you for joining in on the fun!!


  3. A little late to the game but I loved your post. Although I have attributes of all three I think I’m mostly a bookworm. I was thrilled to see I’m not the only one who matches a bookmark to the book – I’ve never even said it out loud before!

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