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Lindsay’s review

Gripping from start to finish!

Maddy and Ian have faced many challenges in their relationship. Ian served in the British army for years where he witnessed horrific events that he can’t shake from his mind. Now an owner of a security company, Ian travels internationally protecting wealthy clients in war torn countries. Maddy worries that Ian’s PTSD and endless anxiety will cause him a breakdown. She also worries for their young son, Charlie, who craves his fathers love and attention when he is gone on several month missions. She begins to see a writing therapist who encourages her to journal her thoughts and worries away.

I had an immediate connection to this book. It was very different than I expected. There were some very heavy topics explored. The mental strain and aftermath of working in war torn countries was expressed so vividly.

Told through Past and Present timelines with multiple narrators, this story kept me engaged, curious and anxious to find out how everything would come together. The characters were terrific – each one having secrets that slowly revealed more to the story.

The author did a fabulous job with the execution of this story – she kept me guessing and glued to the pages. This was a NetGalley backlist title that I’m so happy I made time for. I highly recommend!

Thank you to Park Row and NetGalley for my review copy! Thank you to my lovely local library for the physical loan!

One thought on “Beautiful Bad by Annie Ward

  1. BookishGal says:

    Phenomenal review Lindsay! So glad you liked this book too! I remember being blown away by it. I was surprised that it got mixed reviews by some of our friends and am so happy you liked it too!


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