When the Stars Go Dark by Paula McLain

Lindsay’s review

“Mothers and fathers are supposed to stay.”

A slow burning, beautifully written, haunting and highly atmospheric mystery.

Anna is a detective who specializes in missing persons. She lives and breathes for her job and has an indescribable connection to the victims she is searching for. Anna is drawn to her childhood hometown where she finds herself aiding the local police force in the case of a young teen who has disappeared.

This book was phenomenal! Unique, messy and mysterious characters. Thick, palpable, remote small town atmosphere. Intriguing, slow building and addictive mystery.

I loved Anna! She was so strong and determined, yet vulnerable facing her personal inner struggles. I truly enjoyed following her journey and really hope to spend more time with her (crossing my fingers this may become a series)!

The writing was exquisite! I was completely consumed by the beautiful prose and heart wrenching storyline. There are some heavy topics covered within the pages of this story. Several times, I stopped to fully absorb the sentences I was reading. Very powerful and thought provoking topics surrounding adoption and a child’s sense of belonging and personal identity.

I loved this book and highly recommend it. A definite favourite for 2021. 

Brenda’s Audio review

I love seeing so many authors moving forward with their stories, breaking the mold on those tired and old tropes, and creating fresh and interesting takes on them. It is even more impressive to see an author whose genre doesn’t usually use those tropes break the mold.

Well, Hot diggity dang!!! I am shocked to see how well-known historical fiction writer Paula McLain took the trope of the missing child and has done something different and exciting with it!

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7 thoughts on “When the Stars Go Dark by Paula McLain”

  1. Wow, great reviews ladies. I downloaded the audiobook this week and hope to get to it within the next two weeks. I am very intrigued to find out how this mystery and Anna’s story unfolds.

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    1. Thank you, Infinity! Sorry for the delay in responding!! I love seeing your kind comment about my audio review!!! I am so glad to see you added it!!

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    1. It certainly wasn’t what I expected from the author and I feel like she did it better than a lot of writers of this genre!!! Thank you for commenting James!!!


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