The Jigsaw Man by Nadine Matheson

Lindsay’s review

Extremely enjoyable from start to finish!

Detective Inspector Anjelica Henley is returning to her job after taking leave to recover from a brutal attack that landed the Jigsaw Killer, Peter Olivier, in prison. On her first day back to work she is partnered with trainee Salim Ramouter and they are assigned to a murder scene that is the beginning of what appears to be a copycat of the Jigsaw Killer.

I LOVED Henley! She was an outstanding main character – so strong yet vulnerable. I loved the relationship dynamic between her and Ramouter which was definitely a stand out aspect of the plot for me. I also loved the unsettling relationship between Henley and Olivier and everything that brought to the storyline. Henley’s backstory kept me highly intrigued as it was slowly revealed as the story progressed.

Beware there are some gruesome scenes and plot points. The pace and flow were perfect. This wasn’t a super intense or gripping serial killer story, but I enjoyed every single page. It was more of a character driven police procedural that had me hanging on every word. The unique and fascinating character relationships were what drove the plot forward for me.

The writing was excellent! I loved the short chapters and how some chapters switched perspectives. Brilliant execution of this debut novel! I highly recommend!

Thank you to Harper Collins Canada for my physical review copy! I can’t wait for Book #2 in this series! 

Brenda’s review

Dang, it!! I should have loved this one, but I couldn’t get into the tried and drawn-out storyline involving The Jigsaw Man Peter Olivier and a copycat killer. I didn’t find them compelling killers, but there is something different here from those tired and overused character types with black female Detective Inspector Anjelica Henley. She shines a light on marginalized groups, mental health, gender, sexism, and racism. I loved Henley’s strength and vulnerability that take on a convincing, human side to her with her struggles to control the anxiety attacks she experiences due to the trauma caused to her by Peter Olivier.

The crimes and killers here are disturbing and twisted with graphic scenes; however, it felt like that was the focus instead of the tension need to create an exciting climax to the story. Then things started to happen so fast that it lacked the danger and action needed to make the showdown between the characters exciting and thrilling.

I loved the strong, well-developed characters but it missed the mark with the elements to make it a compelling Police procedural for me. Even though it missed that mark, I think it is one of the better books from an author moving forward with our times. I recommend it.

I received a copy from the publisher on EW.