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Howdy Friends! I took an unintentional break, and I didn’t realize it’s been over a month since my last post. My reason for this unintentional break is this little sweetie.

Penny is now 15 weeks old, and even though she is adorable and we love her to pieces, she has been a bit more of a challenge than I expected. I have been spending quite a bit of time with her learning how to communicate and training her through sign language and positive reinforcement. We knew adding a deaf border collie to our family would add some interesting dynamics for us and that it has. I have to admit a little more than we expected. I was prepared for the challenge of her being deaf, a border collie in the city, but I thought somehow her being deaf would balance out some of that physical energy a border collie needs with more mental energy. While that has not been the case, Penny has more physical and mental energy than I even imagine. Her being deaf has not slowed her down at all. She learns bad behavior as fast as the good. We struggle a bit correcting the bad, so she understands the behavior we want, and we all can get frustrated, especially Penny. The problem comes with getting her attention and reinforcing the good, so she understands.

We all love to walk, so getting exercise is not a problem, but she is not fully vaccinated yet, so we worry about taking her places for walks.

The challenges we have are a few, but the best thing is how she has created those interesting dynamics for us, and I love the time we all spend with Penny. I love that she brings back great memories of our beloved Phoenix, who we all miss so much. It reminds us that while she is more of a challenge than expected, we will make great memories with her!

Don’t let this goofiness foul you. Yes she is goofy but sleeping isn’t something she likes to do!! LOL. We have a Penny pen for her and I must say it’s pretty sweet space in the house but Penny does not agree. She doesn’t like to stay in there by herself. We are trying to get her to nap in there on her own and that has been a long process. She is pretty much beside me when I am in the kitchen but she will not stay in there without barking and she has a high pitched bark. I didn’t think deaf dogs would bark that much but she sure does.

Back to reading

I have read 6 books in September and it was a good month for me. I loved three of them and do want to write reviews for them. I have taken notes on them and hope to find the time to pull a review together for them. It takes me so long to do that and I find myself avoiding writing them. I really need to come up with a format that takes less time to write them. I hope to share a review with you all soon.

What’s up with Lindsay

Lindsay has been reading and reviewing her books, but I have been neglectful of posting them. Sometimes because I haven’t written my review yet and I like to post them together. She is reading slower than usual due to life getting in the way.

Reading your blogs

I have been trying to pop on my feed and see what you all have been up to and are reading when I have a couple moments. Reading blog post is one of my favorite things to do when it comes to blogging and I hope to be able to get back to reading and liking your posts soon.

As always I appreciated all my friends who read and like my posts. It’s always nice to see you dropped by a post and said hi with a like!!!

Be well and take care friends!!!


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  1. Thanks for a wonderful update, Brenda💜 Penny is a cutie and adorable. I had one of those problem “children” and finally had to hire a trainer. Mine was extremely adorable, which he used to get away with bad behavior. Best of luck as you continue your training journey, which I’m sure will eventually deliver a great payoff.

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    1. Thank you, Jonetta!! Being adorable helps with getting away with that unwanted behavior for sure. Not so much the barking at me though, that not so cute. LOL. I do find she wants something and that needs to be addressed which can be frustrating and time consuming to figure out. I think we have to hire a trainer too.

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  2. Penny is a cutie pie! 🥰 I can only imagine how challenging it must be at times to train a young, deaf pup. How do you get her attention when she can’t see you calling or gesturing at her? 🤔 I wish you all the best with your new doggy. 🙂

    Thanks for the update. I completely understand your time away. I try to divide my time between reading and sewing and house chores and it’s very difficult, so I pop in when I’m able. Fortunately, there’s so much loyalty and support here. 🤗

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  3. She’s so sweet and it’s so great of you to take on the challenge of a deaf puppy. I took on an FIV positive kitten 3 years ago and he is totally my heart partly because of the challenges he faces and partly because he’s so darn cute and loves to snuggle. ❤️

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    1. Thank you Tessa! Yes, it was the challenges Penny would face that motivated us to add her to our family. We became interested in her when we found out she was deaf. She is more work than we expected but there is something rewarding about caring for her.

      That is so wonderful you took on your kitten and I bet it’s all about those snuggles.

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    1. Thank you, Susanne! Border Collies are such a complex and complicated breed!! I really had no idea, but do love learning more about them and training Penny. I have been reading a lot about them and not so much on my TBR list. LOL.


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