Chasing the Boogeyman by Richard Chizmar

Brenda’s thoughts

Hot smoking dang!!! My fingers were on fire, turning the pages as fast as I could!! This one is not just another horror story. It is a one-of-a-kind exciting READING EXPERIENCE!!

Richard Chizmar is a genre blending genius and one brilliant author. He combines horror fiction, a small-town mystery, with true crime that uniquely defies any tired, overused tropes around murdered girls and small towns. He creates one of the most clever, haunting, and terrifying stories I have ever read. For this reason, only I think this is one not to be missed.

What I loved

Richard Chizmar is the main character in the story, and the setting is his hometown in Edgewood, Maryland, in the 1980s. It also reads like a memoir as he shares his history and relationship with the town and its people.

Suspense is created with a unique hook by telling us what to expect right off the bat. Chizmar drops little clues for us but are not that obvious. The ending is not a shocker but isn’t predictable either.

The photos, I won’t say any more about that.

What I didn’t love as much

Richard Chizmar takes a long chapter to invoke that sense of place with some history of Edgewood, and I probably would have lost patience if Lindsay hadn’t warned and told me it picks up. This creates an exciting dimension and dynamics between the reader and the town. He paints a clear picture to visualize the events as they play out. It is important to the story to pay attention as it is rewarding to do so.

Reason to read this one

If you like an out-of-the-box compelling, tension fuelled, suspenseful, and terrifying story that blends horror and true crime. If you are not a fan of true crime, you might find the “telling” of the story as exciting as we did.

Lindsay’s thoughts

Brilliant! Shocking! Clever! Terrifying! Engrossing! Phenomenal!!

Best book I’ve read in a long time! All time favourites shelf!

This is a unique and captivating genre mash up. Part true crime, part memoir, part psychological horror. This was insanely brilliant and refreshing! This was a large step outside of my usual reading genres and I LOVED EVERY SINGLE PAGE of it! I was quite literally addicted to this book from start to finish. When I had to stop reading (life really gets in the way sometimes!), I was counting down the minutes until I could pick it back up again. I have not felt so obsessed with a book in years.

This isn’t an easy read – there are plenty of gruesome and highly uncomfortable scenes. I was hanging on every single word even if I found myself cringing and holding my breath at times.

Bottom line — READ THIS BOOK!! I promise it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before!

Penny after zoomies and tipping over her crate by spinning around in it

Penny for your thoughts!! Have you read this one? Adding it to your TBR list?

2 thoughts on “Chasing the Boogeyman by Richard Chizmar”

  1. Good reviews! I loved this book other than that first part entitled “Our Town” but I’m really glad I persevered. Poor Penny – I bet she was dizzy!

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    1. Thank you, Carol!! It was a hard chapter to get through and I read it twice well, the first time I couldn’t focus on it and then the second time I forced myself and like you I am glad I persevered.

      I think she was! She hasn’t done it since!! LOL


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