Black History Month/Banned Book: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

Howdy, fellow readers!!! I do love a month dedicated to a theme to promote books and authors, however I never seem to be organized enough to get it together enough to read books from that theme. I keep saying yes, I will start one after this ARC, and then the month is over. So here it is Feb 10, and I am going to do it. For black history month I am going to read a book by a black author that is frequency target for book bans, The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison.

Reason for The Bluest Eye being targeted “considered sexually explicit and depicts child sexual abuse.”

There is some recent buzz around the net about some books targeted for book bans in the US. So I have been snooping around to see what books are being targeted and I am surprised to see how many are, which ones and why.

Thanks to Paula’s Winding up the Week post I found a Time article Why Toni Morrison book’s are frequently targeted for book bans.

So why are Toni Morrison’s book targeted? From the Time article

After a complaint was made, The Bluest Eye and Beloved were among 16 books “quarantined” -taken off the shelves in public school libraries in Florida’s Polk County “so a thorough, thoughtful review of their content can take place”. 

The recent wave of books being challenged for book bans are books aimed at books by, and about, people of color, and books that tackle topics like racism and sexual or gender identities. Scholars say one of the reasons Morrison’s books are controversial is because they address nearly all of the above, centering on dark moments in American history that can be uncomfortable for some people to talk about.  

Penny for your thoughts! Are you reading any banned books or joining in on black history month?

My book reading schedule for The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

Start date Feb 16, Section One: Autumn up to page 58

Start Feb 19 Section Two: Winter up to page 93

Start Feb 22 Section 3: Spring up to page 132

Start Feb 24 on page 133 to finish

Finish date Feb 27

Ok so tell me how cute Penny is because

This happened while she was in crate. I don’t think I will ever be able to leave her alone in the house. Guess it’s good I have no life other than reading.

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