Watch Her Disappear (Detective Josie Quinn #14) by Lisa Regan

Brenda’s thoughts

Denton is one violent little town!!! Detective Josie Quinn is called to the scene of the murder of another girl. I am just starting to realize Lisa Regan loves to use tropes around murdered or missing girls. However, after fourteen books, she still creates exciting, fresh, unpredictable twisty plots around those tropes.

The girl’s murder has similarities to a cold case that feels a little too similar to a team member. I love that Lisa continues to write stories involving other characters; however, this one focuses more on the investigation than on the other characters in Josie’s life. It did feel like something was missing.

Lisa Regan is known for the twists and turns in her stories that keep readers on their toes, and this time I was ready for her. However, even though I saw some things coming, I was still left pleasantly surprised in the end and looking forward to the next one in the series.

I received a copy from the publisher

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