This Might Hurt by Stephanie Wrobel

Lindsay’s thoughts

Shocking and strangely addictive!

Cults. Sisterly bonds. Magic. Self reflection. Childhood trauma. Unconventional therapy. Isolation. These are a few of the focal points of this twisted, disturbing and absorbing tale. This novel revolves around the love and loyalty between sisters. The characters were remarkable and memorable.

This is a plot I will NEVER forget. It was unique, bizarre, uncomfortable, creepy and kept me guessing. In many ways you must suspend your disbelief to read this (usually a deal breaker for me), however, the story is so eerie and engrossing that I was consumed and curious from start to finish. The writing is excellent! Told in dual timelines and multiple narratives, the stories wove seamlessly together.

Though I loved the previous release by this author, Darling Rose Gold, slightly more than this, I highly recommend checking this one out too!

Thank you to Berkley for my review copy!