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I loved and was a big fan of The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek. I did a Q & A with Kim Michele Richardson and then loved it even more. I loved her passion for her characters and story, which shone through in the story. I had some very different thoughts for The Book Woman’s Daughter, and I thought I would love it just as much, but I didn’t.

The Book Woman’s Daughter

Published and Read in May 2022

My reviews are now my thoughts and questions I ask myself after reading the book. Here are some of them.

What were some of the themes explored in the stories?

Some meaningful and compelling themes around the treatment of women, independence, and discrimination are touched on and are explored dramatically.

Are the characters likable or unlikeable and easy to connect and relate to? Do they change and grow with the conflicts they experience?

Honey is very likable and delightful, and she will appeal to many readers and her conflicts will evoke many emotions. However, I found her uninteresting, and I struggled to relate to and connect with her conflicts. Her challenges and struggles felt cinematic and fell into stereotypical behavior. My drama meteor hit its capacity, and I was glossing over part of the story. I felt like I was watching the scenes rather than experiencing Honey’s challenges and feeling with her.

How did the setting add to the dynamics?

Kim Michele Richardson beautifully creates a fantastic sense of place and time through her descriptions.

Did the stories have me think deeply, challenge my thoughts, and see something different? Or learn anything new?

Nope, whatever was there got lost in the drama.

Do I recommend it?

Yes, This is a very likable story, and many reviewers here loved it. It will appeal to most readers. The drama drives the story, and I have learned that I read books quite differently than most people do and what I like and don’t like from a story is very different than most.

I received a copy for the publisher.

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

Published in May 2019/Read in Aug 2019

Brenda’s review

Kim Michele Richardson brings us a unique, fascinating, impressive, unforgettable story here that explores a part of history in Kentucky that is not well known or forgotten. She weaves some history along with fiction to create a vivid and strong sense of place and time here with the “Blue People” and the Pack Horse Library Project. She creates a strong, dedicated, brave and memorable character Cussy Mary know as The Book Women or Bluet

Cussy Mary is the last living “blue people” who works as a traveling librarian in 1930 Appalachia. She brings joy with books, medicine, messages and hope to people when times are heartbreaking and tough. She travels with her mule Junia who becomes a strong and interesting character and she really pops out of the pages. I enjoyed the relationships that Cussy builts as she travels her route. My heart went out to the people and I felt the power of words with each. 

The story also explores the racial intolerance of a society who feel threatened by the things they don’t understand. The prejudice and racism stirred up some strong emotions for me and again I found myself yelling at the characters. As upsetting as it was Cussy Mary has an engaging strong voice and through her it was easy to connect with her. I felt for her and could see the person who she was under her blue skin. I highly recommend. 

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