Summer Reading: The Good Lie by A.R. Torre

What makes The Good Lie a great summer read

Thrillers and suspense books that are lighter on the disturbing details but heavy on suspense fit the bill for the best summer reads for me, and I love to escape into a fictional world that keeps me guessing when the sun is shining, the weather is hot, and the nights are longer. The Good Lie is a captivating, entertaining read to take your mind away to something suspenseful and immerse yourself in this shadowy case where lies are easily hidden.

Where to read The Good Lie

If you like it hot, it’s a good one to read under the sun. Our main characters, Gwen and Robert heat things up, adding an unusual tone and undercurrent to the story when they blur the line between their professional and personal relationship.

Or, if you need things to cool down on a summer evening when the suspense and tension rises, it’s a good one to read while relaxing in a chair with the windows open, or with the A/C or fan on. It might even keep you up late into the summer night.

The hook, and pace: Was the story a page-turner?

Scott Harden has been missing for seven weeks, kidnapped by The bloody Heart Killer. Against all odds, he has escaped and is home, opening all kinds of questions about what has happened to him, driving the suspense forward. I didn’t want to put the book down until I had answers. ~ Brenda

This book completely consumed me from the first to the last page. The pace and flow were perfect. I am always drawn to stories involving therapy sessions and this one was done so very well. The storyline was gripping, unique, clever, gut-wrenching, shocking and twisty. I couldn’t flip the pages fast enough! ~Lindsay

The games are just beginning. Who is telling the truth, who knows what and what are they hiding

The Players/Liars

Dr Gwen Moore is a psychiatrist who specializes in treating people with violent tendencies. She is an expert on killers and is hired by a defence attorney Robert Kavin to create a profile on the bloody heart killer who has been abducting and mutilating local teenage boys. ~Lindsay

Robert still grieving and father of one of the boys killed knows more than he lets on and is hiding something.

Scott has pointed the finger at the killer, but he is hiding something. Robert is convinced that someone else is the killer and he will stop at nothing to find out who.

The main characters were PHENOMENAL! They were flawed, emotional, complicated people with mysterious, secretive sides that kept me curious and invested. I loved rooting for them. I wish this was a series so I could get more of these amazing characters! ~ Lindsay

Payoff: Are the twists and turns exciting and shocking with a rewarding payoff in the end?

Yes!! It’s all in the clever, unexpected final twist that reveals that good lie that made this one exciting for me. The clues are seamlessly layered in, and I should have seen it coming; however, that reveal snuck up on me and left me wondering if there could be a good lie. I love it when that happens, making it a rewarding payoff in the end. ~ Brenda

Published in July 2021/ Read July 2022

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  1. First, I love your image of reading on the dock, so peaceful. I have never heard of this book, but it sounds perfect. I also love books with therapists and serial killers. They make me think, but also keep me glued to a book. Great review and I am going to see if my library has this book.

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