Summer Reading: Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory

Party of Two is something a little different for my summer reading. It has been on my NG shelf for quite some time and I finally decided to read it. Summer reading is a great time to get to those reads that sit on your shelf waiting for the perfect time to read them. What better time than when the weather is warm and the drinks are cold!!!

Party of Two is book five in The Wedding Date series by Jasmine Guillory and my first one. They are interconnected stand-alone romances and can be read in any order.

What makes Party of Two a great summer read

It’s a delicious, fun, charming, warm story with complicated heroines, irresistible romance that is not just fun but relatable to the real world, and scorching chemistry to match the summer heat.

Where to read Party of Two and what to drink or eat while reading it

Traveling alone in a hotel bar with a glass of rosé or on a patio eating a piece of cake.

By the ocean, lake, river, or any water to cool you down, and after reading this one, you just might want to find your party of two and go out for some dessert.

My party of two was with my husband, and we visited a couple of breweries and a wine tasting room on the weekend. I paired a lovely refreshing rosé and recommend a glass to cool you down when things get hot while reading this one. You don’t need to be outside to feel the heat between Olivia and Max.

The Characters/Tropes: Who are the lovable romantic couple, and how did they meet? Did I enjoy their banter?

The part of two in this story are Olivia and Max, whose chance meeting takes place in a hotel bar. Their meeting doesn’t go as you might expect in a hotel bar. It’s a refreshing take on that chance meeting trope as they bond over a passionate discussion about desserts that instantly gives the story a comfortable, warm feeling.

Olivia is Alexa’s sister from The Wedding Date. Olivia is likable and relatable. I often find likable characters uninteresting, with stereotyped behaviors; however, Olivia is a well-rounded character who strays from that “strong female character” that has become an overused trope that has lost its meaning. Now you just need to be a female character to get that title. Olivia is independent, a bit opinionated but not defensive, reasonable, and confident. She is quietly kind and supportive of the people in her life.

Max is the privileged white male trope with some stereotypes to him; however, he also defies that trope. He is easy-going, attentive, warm, and vulnerable. He’s not aggressive, controlling, or a pushover.

I enjoyed Olivia and Max’s warm banter that didn’t fall into witty bickering, and their conversations about food gave a friendly, comfortable tone to the story. 


There is some substance to the story with heavy topics related to the real world. Themes of giving back to your community, feminism with a strong black woman in a career dominated by white men, interracial relationships, race, and social and criminal justice are explored.

Relationship in Jeopardy: How are the characters tested?

Olivia and Max are opposites who attract with differing life experiences. Olivia is a black lawyer looking to find her place in a dominating white male world, and Max is a high-profile senate. Olivia and Max are both career-driven and a powerhouse couple; everyone is talking about them. It’s the outside forces that test their interracial relationship.

Happy Ending: Did I like how it wrapped?


Published in 2010/read in July 2022

Source: NG

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