Summer Listen: Take Your Breath Away by Linwood Barclay

There is a reason why Linwood Barclay is a favorite author for many people and why his books fly off the shelves. His books are like that comfortable feeling your get when something is familiar and dependable. While some are better than other, you know you will get a great read with plenty of suspense to keep you engaged. You know he will still bring something exciting and refreshing to his stories to keep you on your toes.

I love to listen to books by Linwood Barclay; they make the best books to listen to. I always know I am in for an entertaining easy book to listen to that keeps my attention from start to finish. I also bought a copy on impulse while I was at Costco. It was like my hand was on autopilot, and I had to buy it. I read some of it but preferred to listen to it.

What makes Take Your Breath Away a great summer listen

A full cast reads it, and I loved listening to the different voices. The multiply POVs added tension to the story to keep you wanting to stay outside doing what you are doing while listening to the story.

The story is light yet gripping, simple plot to follow with characters that are easy to keep track of if your mind starts to wonder.

Where to listen to Take Your Breath Away

While walking, biking or anything that keeps you moving

The hook, and pace: Was the story a page-turner?

Brie goes missing without a trace from her home while her husband is away on a fishing trip with his friends and business partner. Six years later, a woman who looks like Brie is seen, and the fun begins. I was hooked from the beginning right to the end, wanting to listen whenever I could and reading when I wasn’t listening to it.

Believability element: Did it blur the lines between fiction and reality with a believability element that made me think it could happen?

Nope, this is all about the entertainment and the sheer delight of reading something fun while enjoying some relaxing time.

Payoff: Did the twists and turns take my breath away with a rewarding payoff in the end?

I won’t say the twists are breathtaking, or it is about who dunnit because I guessed who was behind Brie’s disappearance early on. If I can, anyone can. LOL, It’s all about finding out the truth about what happened the night Brie disappeared and where she has been. All the pieces are there, and while it feels a bit predictable, I was hooked and anticipating the reveal. As always, Linwood Barclay has a few surprises with each turn to keep you on your toes, and the pieces come together nicely for a satisfying and rewarding ending.

Published in May 2022 Read in July 2022

Genre:  Psychological Thriller

Source: Own Book/Scribd

5 thoughts on “Summer Listen: Take Your Breath Away by Linwood Barclay”

  1. Ooohhh wow what an entertaining story line!
    When I seen the cover of the book I wouldn’t have gave it a second look, but reading the review I would!
    I enjoyed the review!!

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  2. First I want to say I like the way you set this review/post up. I listened to this book and enjoyed the narration as well. I did figure out who did it, but later in the book. I liked how Brie’s husband was depicted and kept me guessing. Linwood Barclay is an automatic read or listen for me.

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  3. Great review. I’ve just finished reading this and having missed a few of his latest novels I’d forgotten just how entertaining his books are. I really enjoyed it.


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