Thrill of the Week: On a Quiet Street by Seraphina Nova Glass

On a Quiet Street gave me the best kind of thrill, that unexpected thrill!! I was expecting little when I started this one, and I thought I would be throwing in the towel after a few chapters. The story begins with what seems like stereotyped characters and overused, harmful tropes for crazy wives and hysterical women. However, Seraphina Nova Glass takes me by surprise, and the women of Brighton Hill are strong, intelligent, determined women ready to take on their own conflicts and help and support each other.

The Characters

The story explores some dark themes while exploring the friendship between the women who live in Brighton Hill. The heart of the story is the support they have for each other.

Paige is still mourning the loss of her son, Caleb, in a hit-and-run. She is convinced someone in the neighborhood murdered him. She is angry and lashes out at everyone and everything. She is determined to keep calm and find out who is responsible for Caleb’s death.

Cara seems like that wealthy perfect wife and mother who is prone to cause scenes while suspecting her husband Finn is having an affair. This time she will prove he is and enlists Paige’s help.

Georgia never leaves her home, and her husband paints her as having agoraphobia. Cara becomes suspicious and is determined to discover what is happening behind their closed doors.

Is it a page-turner with exciting twists, turns and reveals?


I received a copy from the publisher on EW

Published in May 2022 by Graydon House/ Read in June 2022

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