Thrill Of the Week: For Better and Worse by Margot Hunt

Getting back to my thrill of the week, I have one oldie for you all. For Better and Worse was another unexpected thrill for me but different this time.

So what made this one a thrilling read for me? It was all in the delicious, dark pleasurable revenge story that appealed to that vigilantism while playing on our fear as parents. After someone harms her son, Natalie’s protective claws come out, and she cooly and calmly decides the person who abused her son must die. Revenge thrillers are a guilty pleasure for me, and I love to ponder those moral questions and just get lost in the nonsense of imagining getting revenge against someone who has harmed a child. Is that dark?

My two cents

The story begins with a good hook. While on a date, law students Natalie and Will discuss how they could outsmart the law and plan the perfect murder. They are now married with a son that is being tested. There are some dark themes and one that might have you shying away from; however, we are not given any details to make this a dark read. We know just enough to allow us to feel angry and invoke the need for revenge and justice and some desire to see the criminal here get what he deserves.

There is nothing believable to this revenge crime, and it is hard to buy into the shady story. It’s all in the self-indulgent feeling that allows us to fantasize about getting away with this revenge crime. None of the characters other than young charlie are likable or compelling.

Overall. It might not sound like a thrilling read and not work for a few readers, but the thrill of revenge drives the story forward.