The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston

Now that is my kind of romance story, and I loved everything about it.

Romance is really dead here. Ashley Poston shows us a different side to romance, the more practical side, the kind that isn’t all about being charming, sweet, enduring, and perfect, making this the ideal romance for this non-romantic.

What is going on between the covers

Florence Day is the ghostwriter for a fan-favorite bestselling romance author, and her latest book is due, and Florence is not getting the extension she needs. After a breakup, she no longer believes in love and loses her writing groove. She can’t find that happy-ever ending, and the new editor is not settling for anything but that. Nothing new here. However, Florence can talk to the dead. We are then taken to Florence’s hometown after her father’s death. A place she is not happy to be back in.

My Two cents

While some things are familiar to romance stories, Ashley Poston offers us a very different take on those romantic elements and tropes. There is pretty much no romance, and the love story is not what you would expect. Florence could be more likable. She is more of a grumpy character with no warmth or fuzziness. It never once crossed my mind to root for her. Instead, I sat back and watched her discover that romance could be dead, but love can come from unexpected people and places.

Ashley Poston skips the cringy back-and-forth overused banter for more realistic dialogue between characters. She shelves the soul searching as Florence discovers the love and joy around her. The grand gesture comes from an expected character, and the happy-ever-after is not all that romantic. I loved it!!


This is anything but a love story with a cold technical pose. It’s a magical love story filled with light, hope, and joy from the unexpected. There is laughter is the sad scenes and tears in the happy ones. It’s the kind only a few authors can capture.

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