Spring Reading: Weyward by Emilia Hart

Spring is officially here, but there is still snow on the ground. The weather is warming up, and I am ready to spring into books that bring on a warmer connection to nature.

What makes this one a great spring book is the atmospheric feel of nature and the characters’ powerful connection to it.

What is going on between the covers

Weyward is a compelling story that combines historical fiction, magical realism, and modern feminism that weaves in some of my favorite themes around the oppression of women while exploring the conventional idea that a woman’s identity and role is to marry and have children. Told through three distinct, brave, resilient women, all victimized, oppressed, and controlled by weak men and subject to their whims and abuse in different ways. The story alternates between Altha, who is on trial for murder in 17th-century British witch trials, and her fate is in the hands of men. In the 1940s, Violet, who her father isolates and controls as she unravels the secret of her mother’s death by mysterious circumstances, and our modern witch Kate, who escapes her controlling, abusive husband who sees Kate as someone to give him a child.

My Two Cents

It’s all about female power and resilience but not about female revenge and rage, even though I do love a good female revenge/rage story. We see each woman find strength and power from their connection to their female line and to nature. Emilia Hart gives each woman something unique as they can creepily communicate with nature in a yet powerful way. While even the thought of some brings on some irrational fears, it felt empowering and fitting to the story.

The story is well-paced and beautifully written with vivid imagery, with a strong connection between the characters that come together with a rewarding ending.