Go as a River by Shelley

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2023 Favourites List!

Beautiful captivating words. Heartbreaking and heartwarming. Endearing, resilient, unforgettable characters. Vivid, palpable atmosphere. Thought provoking, life changing decisions.

Victoria Nash becomes the homemaker after losing her mother at a young age. She takes on all domestic duties within the household of her father, brother and uncle on top of her farming responsibilities. Farming is the only way of life she knows and she loves it. One day, when she is seventeen, she notices a new boy walking the streets of her small town and she is drawn to him. Meeting him begins a new part of her life that leaves her forever changed…

Motherhood. Death. Loneliness. Abuse. Longing. Racism. Love. Resiliency. Self acceptance. These are a few of the heavy themes explored within these beautifully written pages. The prose was pause-worthy. I often stopped to process the mesmerizing words I was reading. Many sentences jumped off the page, landing deeply in my heart. I was a captive audience from start to finish.

This won’t be for everyone, as it’s a quiet, descriptive and slow moving story. However, the audience it is intended for (me!) will surely find themselves hugging this exquisite story and thinking of it long after finishing the final sentence.

I cried. I cringed. I longed for the characters to find answers in their endless searching. Every part of my being was invested in every page that unfolded in this story. A true masterpiece!

Thank you to the publisher for my review copy! Easily made my 2023 Favourites List!

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  1. Oh wow this is definitely a book for me!!
    I will definitely read this one!
    Awesome two cents!


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