About Us: The Traveling Sisters

Thank you so much for checking out our blog! 

We are Brenda, Norma and Lindsay!   Real-life sisters Brenda and Norma and Lindsay our reading sister who makes us who we are The Traveling Sisters!  

We are the hosts of three Goodreads reading groups. The Traveling Sisters, & The Traveling Friends with members from all over the world.  We host Q & A with authors in our Behind the Pages group. 

Hi!  I am Brenda I am from Calgary AB.  I am an analytical reader, obsessed with getting into the depth of things and a passionate note-taker.  My “Hot Diggity Dang” reviews are for the books I highly recommend. 

Hi!  I’m Norma I am from Turin AB.  I’m an emotional reader and I read purely for entertainment.  I move quickly from one book to the next. I tend to get a little over-excited when I love a book and you can tell that with my “Holy Shooty Balls” phrase.   

Hi!  I’m Lindsay I am from Niagara Falls, ON.  I’m a deep emotional reader, always looking for that intense connection.  I am also a realistic reader. I have to be able to believe the stories I read which I express in my reviews. 

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