Thrill of the Week: Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney

I can always count on Alice Feeney to thrill me with her killer twists!! In Daisy Darker, she gives a nod to the queen of crime fiction Agatha Christie and her golden age mystery classic, “And Then There Were None.” While the And Then There Were None trope is one of my favorites, I couldn’t… Continue reading Thrill of the Week: Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney

The Family Remains by Lisa Jewell

The Family Remains is marketed as a standalone sequel to The Family Upstairs. So did it work as a standalone for me? Unfortunately not; however, it can work as one. I did read The Family Upstairs, but three years later, I forgot most of what happened. I didn't know what I should have remembered and… Continue reading The Family Remains by Lisa Jewell

Summer Reading: The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton

The Perfect Girlfriend has been on Lindsay and my unread shelf for quite some time, and we finally decided to pull it off our shelf, dust it off and find the perfect summer spot to read it. Unfortunately, I could only read it outside once due to the rain. It's putting a damper on my… Continue reading Summer Reading: The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton

My Darling Husband by Kimberly Belle

Happy New Year, my fellow bookworms, book nerds, and geeks!!!! Brr, we had an extremely cold Christmas here in Alberta, Canada, and we are starting the New Year the same. This morning it is-37°C  (-34°F) with the wind chill. While we could not go outside, I had the perfect book to keep me entertained by one of… Continue reading My Darling Husband by Kimberly Belle

Twenty Years Later by Charlie Donlea

Do you have a Christmas book gift card you are itching to spend? Well, here is another bold, high tension, and original, suspenseful story by one of our favorite authors. Nobody can spin those twists like Charlie Donlea can. Brenda's thoughts 3 Things I loved Charlie Donlea always has a few things going in his… Continue reading Twenty Years Later by Charlie Donlea

The Perfect Family by Robyn Harding

Brenda's review The Perfect Family is being targeted, pushed to the edge, and are unraveling at the seams. They all have secrets not just from the outside world but from each other, and that makes for some twisted, dysfunctional family dynamics. The story is told through each member of this not-so-perfect family while they reveal… Continue reading The Perfect Family by Robyn Harding