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Food Love is a new feature to our blog where I review cookbooks, share meal ideas and talk about food. My recipes which I won’t call recipes are more suggestions on how to prepare the meal ideas. I don’t normally follow recipes when cooking but use them more as guidelines and ideas. I don’t think I have ever really followed a recipe or use the correct ingredient to one. I am just your everyday cook who loves to prepare meals for my family. So my goal is more to share my love of everything food with you and of course chat with you as well.

My family and I started a vegetarian diet about 3 years ago. My youngest son follows a vegan diet so mostly we follow that but I will eat things with dairy products in it. I don’t use eggs or milk and will substitute those with vegan options. My meal ideas will vary with vegan or vegetarian options and some will be easy to substitute dairy or meat to them as well. The cookbooks I review will be a mix of vegan, vegetarian and meat cookbooks.

Thank you so much for reading my posts and I hope to chat with with you all on them.

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