About Our Traveling Sisters Group Reads

The Traveling Sisters are members of a Goodreads reading group started and hosted by us, Brenda and Norma.  We are a small private invite only group mostly made up of active popular reviewers on Goodreads.  Brenda organizes group reads using mostly NetGalley and Edelweiss advance copies as well as any publisher requests.  We also review released books but we read those with our Traveling Friends reading group on Goodreads. The Traveling Sisters all review on Goodreads with a few who review on their blogs as well.  

The Traveling Sisters have been featured two years in a row in a case study by Goodreads.  We have included a link to the latest one below if you’d like to read the whole study.  What Goodreads has to say about us on the case studies.

“The book was also a group read for the Traveling Sisters on Goodreads. This is a small, private, invite-only group, started by Canadian sisters Brenda and Norma, and includes several popular reviewers. They created a series of spikes of interest in the book as they shared the reviews.”

“Combined, these popular reviewers have thousands of followers, who saw their book reviews in their Goodreads newsfeeds. As they liked and commented on the reviews, they created more stories about the book in the newsfeeds of their friends, creating more awareness and buzz about the book.”

Case Study: How Celadon Books Got Everyone Talking About ‘The Silent Patient’

The Sisters:  Norma and Brenda

We have been reading and sharing books since we were young girls and once we were both more actively reading and reviewing on Goodreads we had a thought.  What if we were to read with other friends on Goodreads?  Would the dynamics change for us or would it bring in another great aspect to that dynamic?  Well it brought in another great aspect to that dynamic and that is where Lindsay our fellow Canadian ‘Sister” came in.  The idea of the Traveling Sisters reading group was born.  The Traveling Sisters reading group is more of an intimate setting where we are able to read and discuss books at a more intimate level where we really know our members and they know us.  That is really very important to us!